“Women Who Read Are Dangerous” appears in Persian

August 7, 2021 - 18:28

TEHRAN – German author Stefan Bollmann’s “Women Who Read Are Dangerous” has been published in Persian. 

Translated into Persian Fatemeh Torabi, the book was released by the Saless publishing house in Tehran.

This highly acclaimed book presents a compelling selection of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs of women reading through the ages.

Artists have long sought to capture the intimacy and tranquility of reading in their work. There was a time, however, when female literacy was a radical idea, and women have certainly not always been free to read whatever they want, whether for pleasure or instruction. 

Works by a diverse range of artists, from Vermeer, Manet and Whistler to Edward Hopper and photographer Eve Arnold, are accompanied by commentaries that explain the context in which each image was created.

Also featuring a foreword by novelist Karen Joy Fowler and an engaging introduction exploring reading as a female pursuit, “Women Who Read Are Dangerous” will appeal to book lovers everywhere.

Stefan has also authored “Women Who Write Are Dangerous”, a sequel to the best-selling “Women Who Read Are Dangerous”.

This book presents portraits and profiles of fearless women writers past and present.

Writing has not always been considered a suitable career for women. Indeed, it was once common for women authors to adopt a masculine pseudonym in order to be taken seriously. And even today, some women writers still struggle to obtain the same recognition that is given to their male counterparts. Nevertheless, women throughout the ages have overcome these obstacles to create literature of enduring importance.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of Stefan Bollmann’s “Women Who Read Are Dangerous”.


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