U.S. expands sanctions regime against Cuba

August 14, 2021 - 20:52

The United States imposed new sanctions on senior Cuban officials and a military unit, the latest in a series of actions in response to rare protests on the island.

The penalties from the Treasury Department hit two interior ministry officials and the "red beret" military unit. 

It is the third round of U.S. sanctions and President Joe Biden has warned additional punitive measures against  Havana.

Cuba protested the U.S. action, as it did with previous sanctions. Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, "such measures reflect double standards of a government used to manipulation and lies to maintain the blockade against Cuba”, referring to Washington's embargo against Havana that has been in place since 1962.

Cuba blames Washington’s decades-long economic blockade as well as the Coronavirus pandemic for the economic turmoil in the country. 

In June, the United Nations condemned the American embargo for 29 years in a row. 

Critics say Washington sanctions independent nations under the pretext of rights abuses while turning a blind eye to allies that have cracked down heavily on protesters demanding the most basic rights.

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