• واکسن کوبا 2021-01-09 17:50

    Tehran, Havana form ‘strategic alliance’ to produce COVID-19 vaccine

    TEHRAN - Kianoush Jahanpour, spokesman for Iran's Food and Drug Administration, has said Iran and Cuba have formed a ‘strategic alliance’ through working jointly on a project for producing a potential coronavirus vaccine.

  • واکسن 2021-01-01 17:42

    Iran, Cuba coproducing COVID-19 vaccine

    TEHRAN - The Pasteur Institute of Iran in collaboration with a Cuban company is working on producing a potential vaccine for COVID-19.

  • Maradona 2020-11-28 12:51

    By Javad Heirannia

    Maradona had legendary status like Muhammad Ali: senior scholar 

    TEHRAN - Professor Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, chair of the Centre for Iranian Studies at the London Middle East Institute, says Diego Maradona “had something that one rarely finds in any human being.”

  • Zarif 2020-11-06 15:51

    Zarif visits Cuba

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived on Friday in Havana to hold talks with Cuban officials, according to Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

  • Zarif 2020-11-06 12:12

    Zarif visits Venezuela 

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who embarked on a tour of three Latin American Countries, arrived in Venezuela late on Wednesday.

  • Zarif 2020-11-03 22:20

    Zarif to embark on tour of Latin America

    TEHRAN – Saeed Khatibzadeh, the spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, announced on Monday that the chief Iranian diplomat would set off a regional tour on Tuesday that will include Bolivia, Cuba, and Venezuela. 

  • Bruno Rodriguez 2020-10-04 18:49

    Cuba warns against U.S. withdrawal from JCPOA, INF

    TEHRAN – Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has warned about the consequences of the U.S. government’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal- JCPOA - and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) with Russia.

  • Miguel Diaz-Canel 2020-05-25 16:43

    Cuban president: Iranian oil tanker arrival in Venezuela breaks U.S. ‘criminal blockade’

    TEHRAN – Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has said that arrival of Iranian oil tanker in Venezuela breaks the United States’ “unacceptable” and criminal blockade”.

  • Mohammad Javad Zarif 2020-05-02 20:55

    Zarif discusses U.S. sanctions with Cuban FM

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has discussed the “illegal” and “unilateral” sanctions of the United States with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Eduardo Rodriguez Parrilla.

  • Islamic Revolution anniversary 2020-02-12 22:40

    Cuban embassy congratulates Iran on revolution anniversary

    TEHRAN – The Cuban embassy in Tehran issued a statement on Feb. 11 congratulating Iran on the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

  • Cuba 2020-01-27 14:05

    Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

    Cuba rejects the pretexts of Bolivian putschist authorities to suspend diplomatic relations

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Plurinational State of Bolivia announced the decision of the putschist Government to suspend diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba, claming that the Cuban Government has systematically affected bilateral relations and has been hostile towards the Bolivian authorities.

  • cuba flag 2019-12-06 11:20

    Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


    The most recent events in the region confirm that the US government and the reactionary oligarchies bear the primary responsibility for the dangerous unrest and political and social instability that broke out in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • coup in Bolivia 2019-11-16 10:43

    By Hanif Ghaffari

    Consequences of the Trump coup in Bolivia

    The recent US government coup in Bolivia will have severe consequences for Washington and its allies. This coup will not only weaken socialism and anti-imperialism in Central America and South America, but will also strengthen the opposition of the United States in Latin America.

  • us-cuba 2019-11-06 20:22

    UN to again voice demand for an end to the US blockade against Cuba

    The demand for an end to the US blockade against Cuba once again tops the agenda of the UN General Assembly, which has voiced its condemnation of this policy for the last 27 years.

  • Cuban ambassador 2019-11-03 19:30

    Cuban diplomat says U.S. sanctions are crime against humanity

    TEHRAN – Cuban Ambassador to Tehran Alexis Bandrich Vega said on Sunday that the United States’ sanctions are an “insult to the international community” and crime against humanity.

  • Iran says closely watching developments in Latin America 2019-09-16 19:58

    Iran says closely watching developments in Latin America

    TEHRAN – Hossein Amir Abdollahian, a senior foreign policy advisor to the Iranian parliament speaker, has said Iran closely watches developments in Latin America, especially the hostile moves adopted by the U.S. government against Cuba and Venezuela.

  • Cuba 2019-09-09 17:33

    Cuba condemns interference in China’s internal affairs

    Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the issue of a declaration condemns interference in China’s internal affairs.

  • Cuba FM - Iran envoy 2019-09-04 19:37

    Cuba reiterates solidarity with Iran in face of U.S. extreme pressure 

    TEHRAN – Cuba has expressed its solidarity with Iran in the face of the U.S. extreme pressure, as both countries celebrate their 40th anniversary of resumption of diplomatic ties and seek to forge warmer political and economic relations.

  • U19 volleyball 2019-08-28 02:34

    Iran ease past Cuba at FIVB U19 World Championship

    TEHRAN – Iran overpowered Cuba 3-0 (25-19, 26-24, 25-22) at the 2019 FIVB Boys' U19 World Championship Round of 16 on Tuesday.

  • U19 2019-08-26 09:52

    Iran fall short against Italy at Volleyball U19 World Championship

    TEHRAN – Iran suffered their second loss in Pool B of the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Boys' U19 World Championship Sunday night.

  • Iran Cuba 2019-08-09 20:09

    Iran start Tokyo Volleyball Qualification on high

    TEHRAN – Iran came from behind to beat Cuba 3-2 (23-25, 26-28, 25-17, 25-16, 15-10) at the first day of men’s Tokyo Volleyball Qualification on Friday.

  • Iran - Cuba flags 2019-08-07 18:28

    Iran, Cuba celebrate 40 anniversary of diplomatic ties

    TEHRAN – The Cuban embassy in Tehran has issued a statement announcing that Iran and Cuba celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relationship.

  • ‘Cuba, Iran culturally resistant to economic pressure’ 2019-07-20 19:52

    ‘Cuba, Iran culturally resistant to economic pressure’

    TEHRAN – Simon Rodriguez Pedro, Cuban co-chairman of Iran-Cuba parliamentary friendship group, has called for expansion of ties between Iran and Cuba.

  • Tehran, Havana call for closer ties in all fields 2019-05-13 19:37

    Tehran, Havana call for closer ties in all fields

    TEHRAN – Iran and Cuba on Monday underlined the importance of resistance against the U.S. pressure and called for improvement of bilateral relations in all fields, IRNA reported.

  • ‘Iran-Cuba Friendship Association firm to push for closer cultural ties’ 2019-05-12 19:30

    By Mohammad Homaeifar

    ‘Iran-Cuba Friendship Association firm to push for closer cultural ties’

    TEHRAN – The Iran-Cuba Friendship Association is determined to make every effort to boost the cultural ties between the people of Iran and Cuba, says Hadi Khansari, president of the association.

  • Cuba 2019-03-26 14:55

    Cuba condemns Israeli Sovereignty Over Golans

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba expresses its strongest of the declared intention of the United States government to recognize the occupied Syrian Golan as the territory of Israel.

  • Cuba - Venezuela 2019-03-12 17:06

    Cuba condemns the terrorist sabotage against the power supply system in Venezuela

    HAVANA- The Revolutionary Government strongly condemns the sabotage perpetrated against the power supply system in Venezuela, which is a terrorist action intended to harm the defenseless population of an entire nation and turn it into a hostage of the non-conventional war launched by the government of the United States against the legitimate government headed by comrade Nicolás Maduro Moros and the civic and military union of the Bolivarian and Chavista people.

  • Venezuela and Cuba 2019-02-15 14:46

    Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba:

    It is imperative to halt the imperialist military adventure against Venezuela

    The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba condemns the escalation of pressures and actions of the U.S. government in preparation for a military adventure under the guise of “humanitarian intervention” in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and calls on the international community to mobilize in order to prevent its consummation.

  • Alexis Bandrich Vega, Havana’s ambassador to Tehran 2019-02-06 19:54

    By Alexis Bandrich Vega, Cuba’s ambassador to Tehran

    Note on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution

    The massive mobilizations that will take place these days in different parts of the Iranian geography will show the majority support of the people to its Islamic Revolution, which put an end to the dictatorial monarchy of Shah Reza Pahlavi backed by the United States, and materialized the desire to establish an independent republican and Islamic system.

  • Cuba 2019-01-27 12:41

    By Cuban Foreign Ministry

    In defense of peace in Colombia

    On January 17, the General Police Cadets School Francisco de Paula Santader was the target of a car bomb attack that took a toll on the lives of 21 people and injured another 68.