SEO head outlines new strategies, programs for stock market

October 16, 2021 - 16:15

TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) Majid Eshqi has outlined new strategies and programs for the country’s stock market during his tenure, Mehr News Agency reported.

“The Securities and Exchange Organization will formulate, implement and monitor its policies and programs including supporting investors, creating a transparent, efficient and equitable market, and reducing inclusive risk based on the market’s broad objectives” Eshqi said.

Referring to the SEO’s seven main strategies in the new management period, Eshqi said: “The first strategy is to use modern mechanisms to increase public monitoring of the entities offering shares in the market; the second strategy will be to develop regulatory tools in a preventive manner and in line with market development.”

According to the SEO head, the third strategy is to amend the market’s rules and regulations to increase justice and accountability, while the fourth strategy will be strengthening the medium- and small-scale level financing through new mechanisms.

Facilitating the processes and developing the infrastructure for attracting and managing foreign capital in the market, along with engineering the media mechanism to provide the shareholders with up-to-date information are the fifth and sixth strategies, the official said.

The last strategy will be to re-engineering the new generation of technical infrastructure with the aim of increasing security, sustainability, and ease of access, he added.

Eshqi further noted that based on the strategies mentioned above, which have been developed taking into account the most important challenges of the capital market, various programs have been prepared in three areas.

The first program is to focus on the main mission of the organization which is the development of the capital market, he emphasized.

“Diversification and promotion of the capital market (in terms of market, tools, and institutions), increasing the transparency and quality of information published in the capital market, reforming business processes and increasing the efficiency of financial markets, development of financial institutions and de-monopolization, development and strengthening of technical infrastructure, facilitating and clarifying the issuance of licenses in the capital market and the development of the debt market and increasing its liquidity will be pursued in this regard,” Eshqi explained.

Intelligent monitoring and regulating information access in the capital market are also among the major programs of the new SEO board.


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