By Martin Love

Weep or not, America is beginning to hurt seriously…

October 24, 2021 - 23:17

In the U.S. there are signs of decadence almost everywhere nowadays. In the debasement of the dollar, in militarism, in the paucity of honesty and ethics, in mainstream media propaganda and even in educational standards and one could go on. The list unfolds like an ocean crossing tsunami.

Consider this, for example. Last August the Loudon County School board in the state of Virginia passed gender identity legislation to permit boys to use facilities for girls, and in fact a girl was raped in a bathroom as a result of this. If a boy identifies as a “girl” he can use the girls restroom in this county where the school board manages 94 public schools.

But of course the worst “policy” is giving a trillion dollars or so annually to the U.S. military at a time when the Biden gang asserts the U.S. is not currently and literally “at war” anywhere, having withdrawn from Afghanistan. Why? Decadence! At any rate the Tehran Times recently published an interview with an American analyst on some questions about China, and in light of that here’s a further bit of information contrasting China and the U.S.

Iranians should realize that the very policies that have damaged countries abroad have also damaged average Americans

Laos was the most heavily bombed country in the world ever during the Vietnam War and that may still be the case now decades later. Laos is a very poor country that represents no threat to the U.S. And it certainly is no threat to China, which knows this and which has completed the construction of a high-speed railway in Laos for Laotians. No question that China is ascending across Asia, U.S. influence on the fast wane.

Can anyone of sound mind doubt that the U.S. eventually will get what it seems to deserve for the harm it has done worldwide as a crude and vicious military “empire”? Patience will prove it. The U.S. long ago tossed fair play, its cultural racism knows few bounds along with its arrogance and obtuseness, its environmental destruction is off the charts and support for Zionist Apartheid abroad and the lambent racism at home, especially by some GOP politicians, remains extant.

It feels like the U.S. may well experience a crescendo of consequences in the year ahead for bad policies abroad and at home over the past few decades, especially since 9/11. And few allies are going to weep about it if the dollar is further shunned and loses its reserve currency status, if the economy crumbles as it did in the crisis of 2008, if the various U.S. markets like stocks and bonds disintegrate and the wealth gap, the biggest ever in history in any country, expands further and more social chaos and division erupt.

Let what is happening, or going to happen in America, be a warning to other countries to avoid internal and external policies that at bottom harm their own citizens especially and even, ultimately, their elites in time. The great Arab scholar and social historian who lived in Muslim North Africa centuries ago, Ibn Khaldun, developed the concept of “asabiyya” which loosely means “group solidarity” as the key component of successful countries or political realms. When group solidarity begins to disintegrate, societies are weakened and eventually give way to challenges by stronger regimes which later, in turn, may fall apart, too, when they become corrupted.

This is exactly what the U.S. faces: a growing and intractable loss of social cohesion and national solidarity. Biden throwing fiat dollars conjured out of thin air in the trillions to the public is not going to heal this gaping wound, and efforts by Washington to use what amounts to fire hoses to douse the American citizens in propaganda about Iran or any other country is not going to work over the longer term. It’s quite remarkable that even now some so-called political and thought “leaders” continue to assert absurd charges about Iranian intentions and deeds. 

Even now, when an honest few Western journalists have clearly disproven that Iran’s ally Assad in Syria used chemical weapons wantonly on its own citizens (who remain solidly behind Assad) as Syria emerges from a decade of destruction and death, the propagandists in Washington and some in the mainstream media continue to lie. The net result is that the American public has little clue what to think about many countries like Iran and Syria and dismay and ignorance prevail.

It’s unlikely Iranians, beset by sanctions and threats from the Zionists and Washington and some other U.S. allies, are going to feel any sympathy for Americans whose unwise leaders have gotten the country on a downward trajectory, but Iranians should realize that the very policies that have damaged countries abroad have also damaged average Americans and they are marginally beginning to wake up to this fact. The faster this awakening expands, the faster things can improve worldwide.

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