Raisi receives credentials of six new ambassadors

October 26, 2021 - 10:52
‘Europeans shouldn’t act in a way that U.S. would feel Europe is its sphere of influence’

TEHRAN — President Ebrahim Raisi had a busy day on Monday when he received the credentials of six new ambassadors.

The president began his day by receiving the credentials of the new Kyrgyz ambassador to Tehran. 

Speaking after receiving the credentials of the new Kyrgyz ambassador to Tehran, Raisi said that considering the two countries' membership in various regional organizations, including ECO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, there are good grounds for bilateral cooperation in trade and transit.

The president stressed that the current level of trade and economic relations between the two countries is not acceptable and the level of cooperation should be improved by tapping the existing capacities.

Ayatollah Raisi said that the two countries could design a new program to improve relations, adding, "Constructive cooperation between Iran and Kyrgyzstan can improve the level of interaction in regional and international organizations.”

Kyrgyzstan's new ambassador to Tehran also congratulated Iran on the start of the process of permanent membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, saying, “Iran's presence as a main member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization can pave the way for further development of Tehran-Bishkek relations.”

He described trade relations, joint ventures and transit as the most important capacities available for expanding the interactions between the two countries and said the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations is a good opportunity to devise solutions for expanding the field of relations between the two countries in various fields.

“We hope ties between Tehran and Brussels will be strengthened”

Ebrahim Raisi also accepted Belgian, Finnish, and Swiss, Azeri ambassadors’ credentials.

In the meeting with the new Belgian envoy to Tehran, Raisi said that Iran is interested in expanding cooperation with Belgium and Europe in large in the economic and trade fields, but “we should not allow outsiders influence these relations.”

Stating that the Islamic Republic were adhering strictly to its nuclear obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal, Raisi said, “In spite of this fact, European countries did not fulfil their obligations to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). European countries, whether regarding the deal or in other matters, should not act in such a way that the United States would feel that Europe is its sphere of influence.”

The president added that the United States seeks to develop and impose its oppressive will on the world, but other countries should not allow American unilateralism and encroachment continue in different parts of the world.

For his part, the new Belgian ambassador said, “We hope that with the expansion of economic relations, the relations between Tehran and Brussels will be strengthened.”

"Finland wants to return to previous level of ties with Iran”

After accepting Finland envoy’s credentials, Raisi referred to the old history of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Helsinki. 

For his part, the new Finnish ambassador described Iran as one of the key actors in the region and expressed desire to cooperate with Iran in resolving regional issues such as Afghanistan. The ambassador also said, "Finland has had good investments in Iran in the past and we want to return to that level of relations now.”

“It is expected that Switzerland to maintain its independent role” 

Receiving the credentials of the new Swiss ambassador, Raisi said that the relations between the two countries have always been friendly.

“Switzerland has always played a positive role in maintaining and promoting peace, and it is expected to be able to maintain its independent role in the new era against U.S. unilateralist policies.”

The new Swiss ambassador to Tehran also said that Iran is a country with an ancient and brilliant civilization. The ambassador added, “Iran and Switzerland have had good relations in political, cultural, economic and scientific fields for more than a hundred years.”

He expressed hope that the conditions would be set for the activities of Swiss companies and economic entrepreneurs in Iran.

On Monday morning, Ali Alizadeh, Azerbaijan’s new ambassador to Iran presented his credentials to the Iranian president. 

The credentials were submitted amid disputes between Iran and Azerbaijan regarding transit of goods between Iran and Armenia through a small part of Azerbaijan’s territory. 

Raisi hopes Iran-Cyprus relations would develop

While receiving the credentials of the new Ambassador of Cyprus to Tehran, the president said, “I hope that with your experience and knowledge, the relations between the two countries will develop by the end of your mission.”

“Relations between the two countries are at a stage that can increase in the economic and trade fields, and I hope these relations will reach an acceptable level,” the president added.

For his part, the new ambassador of Cyprus said that he had previously served as the ambassador to Iran, adding that there are ample potentials for the development of relations between the two countries in economic and trade fields.


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