President Raisi visits Ardabil province 

October 22, 2021 - 16:22

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi has paid a one-day visit to the northwestern province of Ardabil, conducting a face-to-face exchange of views with local people. 

The president arrived at the airport of the border city of Parsabad on Friday morning, and he was welcomed by the representative of the Supreme Leader to Ardabil Province, the Governor-General and senior local officials upon arrival. Chief of Staff of the president, and the ministers of energy, agricultural jihad, economic affairs and finance, and cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts accompanied Ayatollah Raisi during his trip.

Speaking on the tarmac of Parsabad Airport, Ayatollah Raisi talked about the objectives of the provincial trip to Ardabil, saying, “Ardabil province is an agricultural hub and has suitable capacities such as abundant water and fertile soil for agriculture and we are determined to activate these capacities,” according to the presidential website.

He added, “Creating conversion industries and completing the value-added cycle are among the government's plans for the development and prosperity of this province.”

After entering the city of Parsabad Moghan, Ayatollah Raisi immediately went to the Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex and while visiting this complex, was informed about the development plan of agricultural, horticultural, animal husbandry and industrial products.

During the visit, referring to the vast agricultural and employment-generating capacities of the Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex, the President said, “The government is committed to supporting the prosperity of activities and increasing employment in this complex as much as possible.”

During his visit to the construction project of the second lane of Parsabad-Ardabil road, Raisi was briefed by the project managers on the construction and completion process.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the 9-year delay in the completion of this project and the daily casualties of the Ardabil-Parsabad road, the President said, “The long delay in the construction of an important road is not acceptable and it must be completed in the shortest time possible with harder work and provision of the needed credits.”

The president also met with the people of Fathali village of Parsabad. The meeting with the nomads and farmers of Fathali village was held in a cordial atmosphere. Nomads and farmers expressed their happiness over the President's presence in the area and shared their local and personal problems and concerns with him.

After hearing the concerns and demands of the people of Fathali village, Ayatollah Raisi instructed the governor-general and the minister of agricultural jihad to follow up and solve their problems.

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