'Iran, Germany show great strength in fighting COVID-19'

November 24, 2021 - 17:18

TEHRAN – Iran and Germany have made many efforts to contain coronavirus pandemic and finally have shown their ability to manage the disease, Andreas Janssen, deputy director of the German Robert Koch Institute, has said.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iran's Health Minister Bahram Einollahi held at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday.

Last year, at the beginning of March, we traveled to Iran with representatives of the World Health Organization. Our perception of the hospitals in different cities of Iran was that the medical staff is making great efforts to control the epidemic, and this is a positive move towards eradicating the virus, he highlighted.

The development of multiple vaccines by Iranian experts and the widespread injection of the vaccine is a great achievement, and many individuals and international organizations have acknowledged Iran's success in vaccination, he emphasized.

Mohammad-Hossein Niknam, director-general of international cooperation of the Ministry of Health, for his part, said that there are similarities in terms of population, total COVID-19 cases, and mortality between Iran and Germany so that there is a good opportunity to exchange experiences.

Germany is facing a growing trend of the coronavirus pandemic. About 60,000 new patients were identified in Germany yesterday, which was one of the causes of lack of care and reduced compliance with health protocols. In the current situation, mostly young people are infected.

Imposing more restrictions to deal with the new wave is on the agenda in Germany. Mandatory vaccination is also being studied in this country, he added.


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