Nouri voted as Education Minister

November 28, 2021 - 12:35

TEHRAN— Majlis (The Iranian Parliament) gave the vote of confidence to Yousef Nouri, the proposed Education Minister on Sunday, November 28.

After hearing the report of the Education and Research Committee, the representatives of the opposition and the proponents, as well as the defense of the proposed Minister of Education, finally, with 194 votes in favor, 57 against and 17 abstentions from a total of 268 votes cast, they trusted Nouri to be the Minister of Education.

Nouri was the third minister nominated by the Raisi administration to take over the ministry of education.

Earlier, Hossein Baghgoli and Massoud Fayyazi had not been able to get a vote of confidence from the parliament to run for the Ministry of Education.

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