Committee to be formed for post-corona social rehabilitation

November 28, 2021 - 18:54

TEHRAN – The post-corona social rehabilitation committee will be set up at the National Headquarters for Coronavirus Control with the aim of reviving and rehabilitating the psychological and social problems caused by the pandemic.

The social, economic, and psychological effects of the corona will manifest in the post-corona era. Therefore, the formation of a social committee to study the various effects of this pandemic is necessary, Mohammad Hatami, head of the Psychology and Counselling Organization, said.

This pandemic changed the life pattern. Today, if the epidemic is over, its psychological impact will remain for 20 years, he lamented, IRNA reported on Sunday.

According to the committee, psychological services and counseling are provided to the people, he concluded.

Pandemic affects human life psychologically and sociologically

Morteza Pedarian, a sociologist said that, unlike other disasters that have affected most developing countries, COVID-19 has pushed the boundaries of development, and even developed countries have suffered heavy casualties.

In various disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and wars, there is emotional support among different members of human society that increases resilience, but in coronavirus crises, social gatherings and support are less employed.

In this case, due to the special conditions of the phenomenon, such as quarantine and the risk of the high prevalence of the disease, it is not possible to approach the infected people and even those around them for sympathy.

All these issues cause the post-corona ecosystem to have certain characteristics and to show its effect in different sectors, this has greatly affected the resilience and vision of humankind in the areas of economics, beliefs, religions, culture, social relations, and collective action.

The phenomena such as this pandemic affect human life psychologically and sociologically and that behaviors need to be re-read, which is why we should think of long-term life.


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