World not to be deceived by “Summit for Democracy”: Lawmaker

December 6, 2021 - 18:52

TEHRAN- A member of Iranian Parliament’s Presiding Board said that the world will not be beguiled by “Summit for Democracy”.

Hossein Ali Haji Deligani a member of Iranian Parliament Presidium made the remarks in an interview with IRNA and reiterated that the world will not be deceived by the “Summit for Democracy”.

He evaluated the actions and behavior of the US government in recent decades as ‘anti-democratic and anti-human rights’ and stated that awakened minds of the world would not be deceived by Summit of Heads of Democratic Nations entitled “Summit for Democracy”.

Turning to hold “Summit for Democracy: which is virtually held by the United States on Dec. 9 and 10, Haji Deligani said that Americans have been more disgraced than ever because of what they have done against human rights and democracy.

The United States always speaks of democracy, but the reality is that they have suppressed and trampled the democracy that one day they raised it themselves, he lambasted.

The lawmaker called the “Summit for Democracy” as ‘superficial’ and reminded the dire consequences of the military presence of the United States in the West Asian region and the Persian Gulf, threatening other countries to military attack and even cowardly assassination of former Iran’s IRGC Quds Force Commander Martyr Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani and nuclear scientists which has targeted the security, peace and human rights of the Iranian people.

Americans have the worst human rights record and have weakened the worst methods against human rights, he said, adding that these heinous moves taken by the United States can be seen in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq which waged military invasion against these countries under the excuse of spread of human rights.

In order to achieve its malicious goals in Afghanistan under the pretext of implementation of democracy in this country, the United States deployed its force in this country illegally and left this country when the Taliban entered Afghanistan and did not achieve any of its malicious objectives which it had been planned for it, he said, adding that these malicious behaviors will never be erased from the public opinion at all.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Haji Deligani pointed to the goal of the United States in launching “Summit for Democracy” and reiterated, “One of the goals of the United States in holding the Summit is to cover up its heinous moves taken against human rights in the first place, and then to restore its lost prestige in the international community.”

Although the United States has been planning for organizing this online Summit long time, it will definitely not achieve its goals.

The vicious objectives of the United States have become clear for all countries in a way that all nations are aware of the US’s ill intentions, knowing that the actions of the United States are against democracy and human rights and that it has lost its prestige and standing in the world, he continued.

The following proverb “What Is Done Cannot Be Undone or Spilled Water Will Not Return to the Brook” is a clear example of this dire situation in the United States.

The United States will never achieve its malicious goals, he emphasized.

After breaching fundamentals and principles of human rights, the United States has sent its troops to other countries under the pretext of establishing and defending democracy, Deligani criticized.

 The United States is striving to advance their ominous goals so that they can cover up what they have done so far, he added.

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