U.S. trying to lead democracy in world despite its incompetence

December 6, 2021 - 18:58

The United States is trying to convene a “Summit for Democracy” because one of the age-old beliefs of the United States is the leader of Club of Democracies and Democratic Countries.

This is the attitude towards the countries that oppose U.S. excessive demands including Russia, China, and Iran.

However, during Donald Trump's presidency, because he was a populist, the view of leadership was strengthened for the Democrats. Donald Trump was vehemently interested in extremist leaders like Vladimir Putin President of the Russian Federation. A weakness that led to the weakening of US power in the international arena.

Incumbent US President Joe Biden also reinforced and strengthened the traditional attitude of former US presidents on leadership of the ‘Club of Democracy and Democratic Countries’ in order to be able to play its role and position in maintaining international order in the arena of international competitions.

Therefore, he must pursue and achieve pillars of that order, that is, the strengthening of democracy in the world. In the administrations of former US presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, support for democracy was linked to US military efforts to overthrow undemocratic and alternative governments.

However, during Joe Biden's presidency, these conclusions have reached their final stage, where the possibility of overthrowing countries does not come to fruition even with the presence of US military forces and ultimately, apart from the great costs it imposes on this country, there is no other consequence for the United States.

In this regard, it can be referred to the US military presence in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Since the U.S. had deployed troops in these countries for years, its presence in these countries waa futile in a way that the United States failed to realize its objectives in these countries as mentioned in above.

Supporting democracy and holding “Summit for Democracy” is the only slogan pursued today by incumbent US President Joe Biden and of course, with the help of its political and economic members.

Organizing Virtual “Summit for Democracy” at this time reflects this effort and belief and anyone familiar with the international position of the United States will realize that this country has lost its prestige and credibility in the international arena.

By its actions that the United States has done in the Middle East, the United States shown that it not only does not care about democracy in other countries, but only it (United States) believes in the democracy that is close to its ideals and standards.

In general, the United States believes in the democracy which is in compliance with its political and international interests.

It is for years that revelation of these double standards has eradicated the credibility and prestige of the United States in the international communities.

US sanctions imposed against other countries under various pretexts reached its peak during the presidency of Donald Trump administration and even directly damaged the normal lives of people of those countries. Of course, it is important that he did not achieve any of the results he had estimated. These ruthless and disrespectful human rights sanctions are one of the reasons for the damage to credibility of the United States, but the consequence of these sanctions in different countries is to stop their economic growth and development.

This important issue is in full contradiction with the American perspective of the democracy certainly.

The sanctions that have been widely imposed in the last decade or two are completely at odds with the slogans of American democracy and have the opposite effect on the equality of all nations.

Iran is one of those countries that is facing and involved in US human rights sanctions.

From the US government’s point of view, Iran is a nondemocratic country. From the American point of view, the enmity and hostility of this country (United States) still continues with the countries including China, Russia and Iran. The actions of the United States are in some cases considered as a crime against humanity, but in their view, it is only a defense of democracy against growth and development.

The United States does not seek to clear these crimes which it has committed against humanity and is proud to have imposed tough sanctions against other countries and still continue to do so. These crimes committed by the United States against Iran and other countries will never be forgotten.

In the last two decades, we have witnessed different forms and degrees of various democracies according to the cultures, traditions, and societies in Asia and Africa, which represent colorful and diverse range that can potentially exist in different societies.

Today in the United States, despite much publicity existing in this country with the aim of portraying the United States with high democracy in the world, there is more awareness of reality of America among people of the world and even in the United States. This democracy as defined by the United States has many shortcomings, such as the way of election of representatives at the US Congress, and of course, the United States is pioneer in criticizing these shortcomings. In this regard, those who have the ability to create an advertising campaign for the United States are selected. The system of ‘colluding’ in the United States creates money and financial resources for US congresspersons and in his case, interests of the United States are not taken into consideration. This is a part of defect and deficiency of American democracy.

This shows fragility of democracy in the United States. It is the arrogance of this country that still thinks it has the authority to lead democracies in the world and also can isolate countries away from democracy.

Certainly, because of the insufficient knowledge and information of incumbent US President Joe Biden's administration about democracy in the world, he (Biden) cannot declare himself as leader of democracies through holding the Summit for Democracy. So, this summit will be fruitless with no result and the United States will certainly not be able to achieve its desired package of democratic and non-democratic blocs. The world is well aware of complexity of democracy that the United States lacks.

The crimes and catastrophe that the United States sustained after its invasion of Iraq and Syria will not be forgotten. The world has come to realize that beyond glamorous performances, the United States is unqualified for such a great role.

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