“Summit for democracy”, a cover up for U.S. heinous crimes

December 6, 2021 - 19:5

A member of the Islamic Revolution Faction of Iranian Parliament called holding the Summit of Heads of Democratic Counties entitled “Summit for Democracy” as a means of covering up anti-human crimes of the United States.

Mohammad Hassan Asafari Member of Islamic Revolution Faction of the Iranian Parliament made the remarks in an interview with Fars News Agency and reiterated that “Summit for Democracy” is a means of covering up heinous crimes of the United States.

Reacting to holding a virtual summit entitled “Summit for Democracy, Heads of Democratic Countries” in the United States, he pointed to the hidden objectives of the United States and said, “The United States observes and respects human rights as long as its interests are protected and not endangered. As a matter of fact, the U.S. government believes that human rights must be observed only for the American people and not for other individuals and countries so that this contemplation is not compatible with pillars of codified human rights law.”

Today, Americans are committing heinous crimes in the world in the name of human rights that have whitewashed all medieval criminals, he said, adding, “If today we see crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and terrorist conspiracies in Iraq and Syria and other parts of the world, it is because of the green light that the United States has given to these countries to commit these heinous crimes.”

United States has no mercy on its allies.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Vice Chairman of Councils and Internal Affairs stated, “Today, American people and even the whole world know that various cameras are installed in different parts of the country to monitor all movements of the people. Even, telephone tapping (eavesdropping) is done in the United States vividly.”

Even the United States has not shown its mercy to other governments that are considered its allies and today they are being eavesdropped by intelligence agencies of the United States, he criticized.

With due observance to the said issues, how can the United States be claimant of human rights?!

In the Iranian Parliament (Majlis), all monotheistic religions have the right to attend in realization of their inalienable rights, he said, stating that in Iran, prisoners do not need to pay for their meals but prisoners in some of these countries, who attend the “Summit for Democracy” and are staunch supporter of human rights have to pay for their meals.

U.S. blocking supply of medicine to patients suffering from special diseases in Iran

He then pointed to the US hindering behind supply of medicines to special patients in Iran and added, “Some of these countries participating in this Summit are not even willing to hold elections in their country. These countries only chant slogans on the issue of human rights, but in practice, they do not take any action in this regard.”

Asfari reminded the effects of unilateral US sanctions imposed on Iranian economy, health and livelihood ‘as a clear example of human rights abuses’ and said, “There are more than a million patients in Iran that the country cannot provide some items and supplies and even some special medicines for them due to the sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran. Unfortunately, these patients have faced serious problems and even some of these patients cannot be treated and some of them have died. These are all against human rights treaties and protocols.”

The virtual Summit so-called "Summit for Democracy” is held on December 9 and 10, hosted by the United States and attended by some of its allies.

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