TCCIMA, parliament committee member meet to explore private sector issues

January 4, 2022 - 16:6

TEHRAN – Heads of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) committees met with the member of the Parliament Economic Committee Mojtaba Tavangar on Tuesday to discuss issues related to the country’s private sector activities.

In this meeting, the representatives of the private sector raised some of the most important problems in various areas of the economy and offered some solutions, while Tavangar stressed the need for the parliament and the private sector to work together to revise unnecessary regulations.

According to the TCCIMA committee members, one of the ways to resolve the problems of the country’s traders is for them to interact with the regulatory bodies and provide them with the necessary consultations in making economic decisions.

Meanwhile, Tavangar welcomed the idea of communication between the private sector and the parliament and noted that this would be an ideal opportunity for TCCIMA and the private sector to share their ideas and groundbreaking economic plans with MPs.

During the meeting, Mohammad Lahouti, head of the TCCIMA Export Development Committee, criticized the parliament's supervision and monitoring on the implementation of economic regulations, and noted that much of the parliament's power has been wasted on revising ineffective regulations.

He stressed the need for the parliament to return to its supervisory role and reminded that some laws, including the law on removing barriers to production and the law on continuous improvement of the business environment, have not been fully implemented and different interpretations of these laws have created problems for the country's business sector.

Further, Reza Padidar, head of the TCCIMA Energy and Environment Committee, called for the establishment of an independent regulatory body in the oil and energy sectors and stressed the need for cooperation between TCCIMA and the parliament to implement this idea.

Ali Naqib, head of the Industry and Mining Committee of the TCCIMA, also said that the lack of an industrial development strategy in the country is a major problem which can be solved with the participation of parliament and the private sector in drafting a roadmap in this regard.


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