Mohsen Rezaei: Iran-Nicaragua cooperation is ‘a slap in the face of U.S.’

January 11, 2022 - 21:37

TEHRAN— Mohsen Rezaei, the Iranian vice president for economic affairs, met on Monday with Nicaraguan minister of economy and finance, minister of mines, and the senior assistant to the president for trade, promotion of investment and international cooperation, as well as the managers of the country's oil and energy sector.

The need to strengthen cooperation between Iran and Nicaragua, especially in oil and energy industries, was among the topics discussed between the two sides. 

Rezaei called for the efforts by officials from the two sides to increase the level of trade to develop the welfare and progress of the two nations.

Emphasizing that the development of cooperation between the resilient countries is a “strong slap in the face” to the U.S. and the other oppressive powers in the world, he stated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood by the resilient governments and nations of Latin America, especially Nicaragua.”

Referring to Iran's action in sending gasoline to Venezuela despite U.S. opposition, the vice president said that this action sent a message to the governments and nations of the world that the era of pressure and coercion against other countries is over.

Rezaei called the U.S. interference in the internal affairs of countries an insult to nations and stressed, “In this situation, governments and nations that want freedom and resistance must work together and help develop each other's welfare and development by expanding comprehensive relations.”

He added that resistant governments and nations, through strengthening and developing relations and cooperation, can prove to the world that having a revolutionary spirit is in line with economic progress.

Referring to the vast capabilities of Iran and Nicaragua, the vice president said that Iran is ready to comprehensively develop relations between the two countries and exchange experiences in various technical fields, including oil and energy, petrochemicals, refinery construction, and construction and development of ports and forming joint ventures.

Rezaei praised the efforts to establish a joint Iran-Nicaragua bank and exchange experiences in the field of economic, commercial and academic research and studies. He also expressed hope that his visit to Nicaragua would be the beginning of a new era in relations and cooperation between the two countries.

For his part, the Nicaraguan minister of economy and finance praised the Iranian and Nicaraguan governments and nations’ resistance against the extravagance of the oppressive powers and said that both sides must work to develop cooperation in various fields.

He also pointed to existing investment opportunities and capacities in oil, energy, and port development in Nicaragua, calling for the use of Iranian experience and Iranian investment in such fields.

The Nicaraguan minister of mines also pointed to the huge mineral potential in Nicaragua, especially in gold mines, stressing the importance of facilitating joint cooperation and the presence of Iranian investors in this sector.

Appreciating the presence of the Iranian vice president at the inauguration of the Nicaraguan president in the current sensitive situation, the senior assistant to the Nicaraguan president for trade, investment promotion and international cooperation said that the obstacles for trade between the two countries can only be removed through hard work and initiatives. 

Rezaei attended the inauguration ceremony of the Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega at the Revolution Square in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, on Monday evening.

The vice president was received by Ortega upon arrival.

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