Iranian president’s aide for economic affairs calls for anti-sanctions union

January 14, 2022 - 21:48

TEHRAN — Mohsen Rezaei, Iran’s Vice President for Economic Affairs, has called for formation of a bloc of countries against sanctions, IRNA reported on Friday.

Rezaei made the remarks in a meeting with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega in Managua. 

Rezaei went on to say that the Iranian government and people have a special respect for the Nicaraguan government and praise their resistance against the extravagance of the oppressors of the world.

He added in the current situation where the world's hegemons, especially the United States, want to prevent the progress and development of nations and undermine their friendship and cooperation through conspiracy and sanctions, resilient countries must redouble their efforts to expand their relations and friendship.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood by its revolutionary friends and brothers in Nicaragua and is ready to develop, strengthen and consolidate comprehensive relations with this country,” Rezaei emphasized. 

He said the countries that are resistant to the extravagance of the world's oppressors must form a union of allied countries against sanctions and stand united against U.S. conspiracies and sanctions.

In the meeting, Ortega praised the presence of the Iranian vice president at his inauguration ceremony, and admired the resilient spirit of the Iranian nation against sanctions and pressure from enemies.

He added, “Friendship between the two governments and nations of Iran and Nicaragua is a sincere, fraternal and deep relationship.”

He added that Iran and Nicaragua have great respect for the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the president of Iran and the martyr of the path of peace and resistance, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.

The Nicaraguan president stated that Nicaragua dedicates all its love and affection to the great nation of Iran, saying that the two countries must stand together and continue the struggle for peace.

He praised Iran's authority in negotiating with world powers to realize the right of its people, noting that Nicaragua defends Iran's right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes in the world.

We are ready to transfer our achievements to Nicaragua

Later in the day, in a meeting with the President of the Nicaraguan Science and Technology Council, Rezaei called the development of science and technology the cause of the progress of human society and said that science, technology and industry must be combined so that the two countries can use it to generate wealth.

“Iran and Nicaragua have been able to achieve great success and maintain their political independence in the face of American aggression,” he said. 

According to the vice president, the two countries can take steps for the progress and welfare of the two nations by developing cooperation bilaterally and internationally.

The vice president emphasized, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to transfer its experiences, capabilities and achievements in various fields of science, technology and academia to Nicaragua.”

For his part, the Chairman of the Nicaraguan Science and Technology Council referred to Iran's progress and capabilities in various fields of science and technology and signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran’s Pardis Technology Park. 

The development of cooperation in this field sets the stage for further expansion of relations between the two countries in various fields of scientific exchanges, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector, seed and industry production, and academic cooperation and student education, the Iranian vice president for economic affairs stated.

The senior directors of science, academia and technology of Nicaragua who were present at the meeting also expressed their views in various fields related to the development of scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.

Rezaei went to Nicaragua on Monday to attend the inauguration ceremony of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

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