Americans say U.S. democracy is in danger; there never was one

January 17, 2022 - 17:32

Donald Trump has jumped on the opportunity of President Joe Biden’s popularity evaporating into thin air after one year in office to blast his former democratic contender and repeat his argument that the last election was rigged and stolen. Well it appears that Americans are now feeling the same way about the election and democracy in the United States. 

The polarization and division among  Americans has never been bigger and the fear of America slipping down the slippery slope of civil unrest or even civil war is being talked about more than ever in U.S. media. 

It’s safe to say America is living through dangerous times, and that’s not a pun. 

A majority of Americans now believe the democracy in the United States is in danger of disappearing, according to what will (or should be) a deeply concerning new poll for the political establishment and the deep state. 

According to fresh data from Schoen Cooperman Research, just 26% of those surveyed say they felt U.S. democracy would be secured for future generations, while 51% agreed with the statement, “U.S. democracy is at risk of extinction.” An additional 23% said they were unsure. 

The fear of extinction fell evenly along partisan lines with 49% of Democrats and 49% of Republicans agreeing the “republic” was in danger. 54% of independents echoed those views.

The research displayed widespread pessimism and distrust has risen over the past year. Just 54% of Americans say they believed Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of the presidential election. That figure was 64% when the same pollsters asked the question in April.

The December poll also showed that 47% of American believed “there were real cases of fraud in the 2020 election that changed the results.”
The results were even more striking for those aged 18-29, with just 21% agreeing that U.S. democracy was safe.

Pollster Carly Cooperman says “we found that Americans are losing faith in their democracy, arguably worse than ever before. They’re losing faith in elections, institutions, and the ability of democracy to survive. Everything is negative”. 

The survey was comprised of 800 likely 2022 midterm election voters and both parties were quick to blame the other side for the loss of faith.

The number of Americans who believe that the last election was rigged with voter fraud or their democracy is at risk of extinction is astonishingly surprising because of the fact they have only just reached that conclusion now.

It took an insurrection for the American public to question the validity of American elections and democracy. 

Many outsiders would ask what democracy? In modern times 
the popular views and problems of the public would be democratically translated into public policy through the election of a representative or administration that would enforce that while preserving national interests and security.

That’s the theory anyway. 

But that’s just simply not the case in America. Education for example should be a right for all students, not a choice based on financial status. Yet University tuition fees means not everyone gets the right to a free education despite widespread calls from students, their parents, guardians, and advocacy groups for fair education for all. 

Healthcare should at least be affordable if not free of charge. Yet not every American household can afford healthcare costs. 

A majority of Americans want to see stronger firearm regulations, yet there are a record number of guns being purchased over the past year or two with ever-increasing shooting incidents.  

A police force that murders indiscriminately against black people and gets away with it, instead of enforcing the law is not something democratic. 

These are not problems of patients, students, or victims of gun violence and cop killers, these are issues that should have been tackled a long time ago by the “elected” representative. 

Elections should be free and fair; that’s not the case in the United States, there are only two parties vying for Congress and the Presidency every four years. What happened to the third parties, their existence appears on paper, but receive a tiny fraction of the $14.4 billion mostly from lobby groups and wealthy individuals that end up in Democratic or Republican pockets. 

Both parties have been complicit in marginalizing any other party’s participation. 

There is a strong argument that democracy in America is not functioning at all for the people. Democracy is serving the deep state, the super-wealthy oligarchy that are doing very well while billionaires are increasing. Even after four controversial years of President Trump in office; one year since Biden took charge, nothing has changed at all. 

As it happens for ordinary Americans, data shows the wealth divide has worsened for them, inequality has increased. Biden’s promise to increase taxes on the rich and hand out some of that tax money to the poor has simply not happened; it’s just now becoming a familiar-sounding campaign slogan. 

There are many including almost half the nation that believes the current President got into the job via illegitimate means. 

In essence, that’s why America lacks a democracy. 

Then comes the ‘all so many’ U.S.-based social media platforms where Americans can like a post or a comment to express their views. It gives the younger generation, where social media is now part of daily life, the chance to express their views democratically in comparison to the sluggish, unresponsive, and outdated administrations who critics say have their priorities outside the United States in the form of military adventurism. 

With the rise of social media across the states, the younger generation have a sense of what democracy really feels like. 

In historical terms, there never was a democracy to start with. America was founded on white colonial settlers. 

The “system” began with only white people who owned property being legally allowed to vote. And it took a very long time for women to exercise their natural right to vote, black Americans’ right to vote was only protected following legislation passed in 1965. Fast forward to January 2021 and there is an aggressive voter suppression campaign being waged by members of Congress targeting minority groups. 

This is while the former President of the United States had this to say: "why aren't they investigating November 3rd, a rigged and stolen election without getting to the bottom of which we will never have a fair and free democracy? Why aren't they looking at that?"

The former President didn’t hold back: "the American people deserve answers. The January 6th rally was a protest against a crooked election carried out by unhinged Democrats Big Tech and working with the fake news media”. 

Thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, in the worst assault on Congress since the War of 1812. 

Angry with the November 2020 election defeat for Trump, which nearly half of American voters and many analysts say was the result of fraud, the rioters tried to stop Congress from certifying Biden's victory. 

One police officer who responded to the scene died the day after the attack, while others who guarded the Capitol died later by suicide. About 140 police officers were injured during the hours-long attack. Four people also died.

If he survives in politics, Biden has three years left in office. Then All 435 members of the House are up for reelection in 2022, and one-third of the U.S. Senate. 

It’s dangerous times for a country whose citizens believe democracy is “at risk of extinction”, despite America never being a democracy. The voters could boycott the election or the election could lead to violence again; there is plenty of ammunition. But whether it’s democrats or republicans who emerge victorious, the problem lies with the system which has never seen a democratic day in it’s life.

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