Rob J. Hayes’ novel “Never Die” appears in Persian

January 26, 2022 - 17:38

TEHRAN – “Never Die”, a novel by Rob J. Hayes, has recently been published by Chatrang, a major Tehran-based publishing house.

Mohammad Abbasabadi is the translator of the book first published in 2019 by Kindle Edition.

The Emperor of Ten Kings has plunged Hosa into war, and the gods are angry.

When the god of death gives Ein a mission to kill the immortal emperor, he knows he cannot do it alone. He needs allies, heroes who will fight for him. How else can an eight-year-old boy hope to do the impossible?

Whispering Blade, Iron Gut Chen, the Century Blade, and Flaming Fist, these are all names of legend. And the god of death has given Ein a way to bind them to his cause. There is only one catch. In order to serve him, they must first die.

“Never Die” is a standalone set in Hayes’ series Mortal Techniques. It’s a wuxia adventure filled with samurai, shinigami, heroes and vengeful spirits.

Hayes grew up with all the usual boy toys, including Lego, Star Wars figures and plenty of Transformers. Playing with these toys inspired his imagination and as soon as he was old enough he started playing with swords… OK, wooden sticks.

At the age of fourteen, he started writing but, like most fourteen-year-old boys, everything had to be either a vampire, a werewolf, or have superpowers.

After four years at university studying zoology and three years working for a string of high street banks as a desk jockey/keyboard monkey, Rob ran away to live on a desert island in Fiji for three months. It was there he re-discovered his love of writing and, more specifically, of writing fantasy.

He regularly plays card games based on the “A Game of Thrones” and the “Netrunner” universes and attends tournaments throughout the UK. Rob also enjoys Airsofting: the act of running around a forest with fake guns shooting (being shot by) his friends.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of Rob J. Hayes’ novel “Never Die”.


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