Westerners must provide Iran with guarantees in Vienna: MP

January 29, 2022 - 21:33

TEHRAN — Ali Akbar Karimi, representative of the people of Arak in the parliament, said on Friday that the most important thing to consider in the nuclear negotiations is that Iran must learn from past experiences.

“One of the most important issues that existed in the past and we should learn from it, is that the Westerners did not fulfill their commitments.” He said in an open reference to the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement in May 2018 and a failure by the European sides to honor their obligations under the pact. 

At the same time, he suggested, it is necessary that any agreement that is made be definite and with sufficient guarantees and the necessary verification.

“In no way should we be intimidated by the media and the controversies that takes place around the negotiations, and we should pay attention to the rights of the Iranian people in the talks,” The MP stressed. 

The MP from Arak stated that while Iran is serious to reach an agreement in the negotiations, it will not compromise on its legal rights.

“We must get enough guarantees from the other side to fulfill their obligations” if the nuclear deal is revived, he reiterated.

Noting that the Western side did not adhere to the legally binding nuclear agreement, Karimi also noted that a temporary agreement is not in Iran’s interest, and therefore, Tehran won’t accept it.
A temporary agreement with the West definitely “will not benefit us,” the MP remarked.

He added that a possible agreement in the Vienna talks must be “transparent” with “enough guarantees” to serve Iran’s national interests.

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