MP: Conditions ripe for win-win agreement in Vienna if partners show seriousness

February 3, 2022 - 2:3

TEHRAN — National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the parliament held an extraordinary meeting with Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani on Tuesday to assess the latest developments in the Vienna talks intended to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

Mahmoud Abbaszadeh Meshkini, spokesman for the parliamentary committee, said the meeting was “very serious” and that the condition is ripe for a “good and win-win” agreement if the Western sides show seriousness and good faith.

The chief negotiators from Iran, the U.S. and three European parties to the nuclear deal (Germany, France and Britain) have returned to capitals for consultations with senior officials. The negotiators are expected to return to Vienna by the weekend.

“The committee had a meeting with Bagheri to hear a report on the latest progress of the negotiations in Vienna. The questions of the representatives were answered in this meeting,” Meshkini stated. 

The MP added that Bagheri evaluated the negotiation process as positive and emphasized the goodwill and seriousness of Iran. 

Quoting Bagheri, the spokesman also said Iran has not had any direct talks with the Americans so far.

Summarizing the issues raised at the meeting, Meshkini noted, “According to the issues raised at the meeting, in the status quo, it is not obvious whether direct talks with the U.S. would fundamentally bear fruit or there would be considerable gains in return.”

He outlined that despite the positive and forward-looking negotiation process, there are still important issues that need to be negotiated and agreed upon. 

According to the spokesman, Iran has the right to demand the lifting of all sanctions, but to date the U.S. has only agreed to lift part of the sanctions.

Abbas Moqtadaei, the deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee, announced on Tuesday the holding of an extraordinary meeting with Bagheri Kani on the latest status of the Vienna talks.

The Isfahan representative stated that in the meeting, Bagheri presented a detailed report and then the committee members expressed their views.

He continued by saying that the parliament and the foreign ministry, in order to maximize cooperation, insisted on the need how to implement the parliamentary ratification to protect the rights of the Iranian people.

“Both sides focused on protection of the rights of the Iranian people and agreed that these rights should be considered at the highest level,” he added.

The MP noted that issues related to foreign policy and how to manage them were reviewed in the meeting.

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