Canada tramples on human rights as choking nationwide protests

February 23, 2022 - 18:56

TEHRAN- Avalanches of protests and strike actions set off in several Canadian cities against the mandatory jabs of Covid-19

Canada has been a scene of protests as truck drivers opposed to the mandatory vaccinations. During an operation, the police forces launched raids to disperse crowds as using pepper spray and stun grenades. They also resorted to violence to seize protesters to put an end to weeks-long Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa and other major cities.

On January 29, thousands of Canadian truckers and their supporters staged a rally outside the Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa to demand the vaccine mandate to be rescinded. 
Viral footage and photos show that mounted officers forming a line on horseback tried to clear the crowd.

The raid of police has left several injured. As a result, Ontario's police watchdog launched a probe into the several incidents involving police during the operation to clear out the Freedom Convoy protest. 

Many believe that such protests grabbed the limelight on the media outlets to distract attention of major issues that still exist in the trucking industry, such as unpaid wages and exploitation of foreign workers. 

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, around 90% of Canadian truckers have already been vaccinated whereas a minority of them has a diametrically opposed position. 

New requirements for drivers hauling goods between Canada and the U.S. can be considered the main reason of their objection spreading an atmosphere of instability across the country.

The Freedom Convoy gained momentum as the news rolled out to drum up support from outside the trucking industry who were fed up with the Covid-era restrictions.

Donations from all over the world have poured into the country to show solidarity with truck drivers.

Canadian officials have always claimed that they invariably protect human rights all over the world. In other words, they think they are the flagbearer of human rights both at home and abroad. 

Such a claim reminds us that the flag of defending human rights is being carried by those who are the greatest enemies of human rights including the U.S. 

As a constitutional monarchy with a federal parliamentary government, Canada has a penchant to surreptitiously strangle humanity and to suppress the truth. 

Although the Canadian government formulated mechanisms to identify, investigate, prosecute, and punish officials who may commit human rights abuses, they constituted a systemic use of violence against the protesters.    
The rationale behind the formation of national, provincial, and municipal police forces in Canada is to maintain internal security.

In cases, the armed forces, who are responsible for external security only, are deployed to exercise some domestic security responsibility at the formal request of civilian provincial authorities.

It is worth saying that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police report to the Department of Public Safety, and the armed forces report to the Department of National Defense. Provincial and municipal police report to their respective provincial authorities. 
All such forces are formed to repel the peril of lack of control in the country regardless of any heed to the protection of human rights. 

Given the Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 which was mistakenly downed, the Canadian government has begun to take unilateral actions in order to “politicize” the plane crash incident under the pretext of defending human rights. 
Diplomatic tensions between Iran and Canada run high with the investigative Canadian report on a 2020 Ukrainian plane crash on the outskirts of the Iranian capital. 

In an interview with Tehran Times, Mohsen Baharvand, Iran's deputy foreign minister for legal and international affairs, stressed that Canada’s unilateral steps and statements against Iran on the Ukrainian plane crash is hampering Tehran’s efforts to clarify the truth.

“Strangely, the Canadian government has begun to take unilateral actions, and we see no good reason for that except that Canada intends to politicize the issue,”  the deputy foreign minister for legal affairs lamented. 

A report on the Canadian human rights in 2020 meticulously shows that they suffered more than any other country from violations of human rights.  

Reports of the use of unlawful deadly force by police, police use of undue or excessive force and harassment against indigenous persons, and official discrimination and violence against indigenous women and girls are among cases that should be taken into consideration.

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