Trans-regional forces will not provide security, Iranian Navy chief say

February 27, 2022 - 21:49

TEHRAN — The Iranian Navy chief said that trans-regional forces not only have not provided and will not provide the desired security of the countries in the region, but also make the region insecure and portray the countries of the region as incapable.

Admiral Shahram Irani made the remarks among the professors and students of Lahore Naval War University and the University of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran on Sunday.

Referring to the 90% share of the sea in global trade, the commander said the sea is effective in all aspects of people living in coastal countries. It affects their economy, peace, culture, politics, etc., he remarked.

Referring to the emphasis by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the importance of seas in protecting national interests, he said, “Iran and Pakistan are considered maritime countries because of their relationship with the sea. Given these circumstances, both countries need navies based on their geopolitical weight and the dignity of their nations.”

Irani went on to describe the students as guardians of the security and tranquility in the seas. 

“If you are not present or your role is insufficient, the arena will be prepared for the movement of illegal actors from other regions,” he said, addressing the navy students.

He went on to say, “Trans-regional forces not only have failed to provide the desired security for the countries in the region and will not do so, they also make the region insecure and portray the countries in the region as incapable."

He then pointed to the military interaction between the two friendly and neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan, saying that no country alone can ensure the security of a wide range of seas and it is necessary for the countries of the region to make the most of their various commonalities and synergize in order to have control of their own destiny.

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