Condition ripe for significant economic growth: fin. min.

March 11, 2022 - 15:28

TEHRAN – Iranian Finance and Economic Affair Minister Ehsan Khandouzi said on Thursday that the country has passed over the economic uncertainties of the current fiscal year and the condition is now ripe for achieving significant economic growth in the next Iranian calendar year (begins on March 21).

Speaking at a meeting with scholars and economic experts of Ferdowsi University in Mashhad, northeastern Khorasan Razavi Province, Khandouzi said: “Due to the specification of government policies and the national budget for the next year, and also the recent developments in foreign policies (Vienna talks), the conditions will be provided for the country's economic growth in the coming year.”

He mentioned a roadmap proposed by his ministry for economic development and curbing inflation in the next year and said: “The roadmap which has been approved by the ministry and covers a 1.5-year horizon, has been sent to the presidents of the country’s universities and related scholars to be reviewed.”

“We need the help of the country’s research institutions and universities to make this roadmap as comprehensive and practical as possible,” he stressed.

This roadmap is a document that connects three major entities active in the field of macroeconomics, including Economy Ministry, Program and Budget Organization (PBO), and Central Bank of Iran (CBI), the official said.

Further in this meeting, professors and scholars of the Ferdowsi University’s Department of Economics, Accounting and Management as well as a number of economists from other universities in Mashhad spoke about some of the current issues in the country’s economy.

The incompatibility of academic research with the needs of the country, the impact of accounting on the transparency of financial institutions, as well as changes in tax laws for start-ups were among the issues raised by the attendees to the meeting.

Facilitating the economic-educational relations between Iran's higher education institutions and those of the neighboring countries, especially Afghanistan and Pakistan, amending the allocation of resources to combat poverty, lack of a unified leadership for government economic management and lack of a clear economic development management strategy were other issues raised by the university professors and economists in this meeting.


Photo: Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ehsan Khandouzi (C)

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