15 Afghans trying to harm Iranian embassy arrested

April 16, 2022 - 21:17

TEHRAN — The interim governing body of Afghanistan says it has detained 15 rioters who tried to vandalize the Iranian embassy in Kabul, Tolo news reported.

Tolo news sources in Kabul reported that about 15 people planned to appear in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul on Friday and continue fake demonstrations, which were immediately arrested by Taliban forces.

In recent weeks, images and videos were released which tried to spread sedition and sow discord among the people of Iran and Afghanistan. These videos sparked reactions. 

On Monday, protesters in Herat broke the windows and CCTV cameras of the Iranian consulate. They also set tires on fire in front of the consulate’s building. 

On Tuesday, the director-general of South Asia at the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the charge d'affaires of the Afghan embassy in Tehran to strongly protest against the attacks on the Iranian embassy in Kabul and the consulate in Herat.

Recalling the responsibility of governments in ensuring the security of diplomatic missions, the diplomat called for legal action against the attackers on the Iranian missions in Afghanistan.

The director-general also informed the Afghan chargé d'affaires that the consular sections of the missions of Iran in Afghanistan have ceased their activities until further notice in order to get the necessary assurances from the Afghan Foreign Ministry about the full security of the diplomatic offices.

However, a large number of Afghan citizens participated in a gathering in Kabul on Wednesday to show their vigilance against the hypocrisy of the enemies of the Iranian and Afghan nations.

The rally in the Afghan capital to condemn the attack on Iranian diplomatic facilities ended with the reading of a joint statement.

The final statement, titled “No to seditionists”, is as follows:

“This gathering means raising the voice of saying no to the enemies and the hypocrites as well as the beautiful whisper of solidarity between the brotherly nation of Iran and Afghanistan. We call on the two governments of Iran and Afghanistan to prevent a division of the two nations by the enemies through sound management and to prevent the destructive moves of the enemies.

Today, we will shout for the unity of the two heroic and brave nations many times, so that there will be a loud call against the enemy's conspiracies and a voice for empathy, friendship and convergence of the two nations.

If a number of ill-intentioned people threw stones at the door of the Iranian consulate in Herat on Monday, today, on behalf of the Afghan people, we will open the door of the Iranian embassy in Kabul as a sign of brotherhood and friendship.

The people of Afghanistan and Iran must say no to the conspiracies of the enemy with full vigilance and with empathy and brotherhood, punching the slaves of the hypocrites.”

At the end of the gathering, the participants, representing the people of Afghanistan, placed flowers on the doors of the Iranian embassy in Kabul.

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