Terror acts in Afghanistan intended to sow division, foster Islamophobia: Islamic awakening body

April 24, 2022 - 22:6

TEHRAN- The World Assembly of Islamic Awakening has denounced the recent despicable terrorist attacks against Muslims in Afghanistan, saying such acts are intended to inflame tensions among Afghan ethnic and religious groups and foster Islamophobia.

"Certainly, such actions are planned to create tension and wage ethnic and religious wars, launch massacre and killings of Muslims, and as a result, portray an unrealistic image [of Islam] and [spread] Islamophobia," the assembly said in a statement released on Saturday.

It went on to say that the acting Taliban governing body in Afghanistan is responsible for ensuring the safety of all Muslims doing religious activities and should be held accountable. 

The recent terrorist assaults in Afghanistan on mosques are a desecration of the holy month of Ramadan and a continuation of the slaughter of innocent people carried out by U.S.-backed criminals and terrorists with the goal of inciting a regional crisis, according to the organization.

“The recent terrorist act in Mazar-e-Sharif in fact completes ... a conspiracy and plan that seek to create division among the Muslim Ummah… and shows that such crimes know no boundaries,” the statement mentioned. 

It highlighted that the Afghan Muslim people will soon respond appropriately to such atrocities, and it urged all Muslim governments, nations, groups, and parties, as well as international freedom fighters, to preserve unity, coherence, and solidarity in the face of the enemies' machinations.

Since the Taliban took control of the country in August last year multiple assaults have been recorded, some of which have been claimed by Daesh.

Taliban’s rule has yet to be recognized by governments. The former Taliban government was solely recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

At least 33 Afghans, including children, were killed and 43 others were injured as an explosion ripped through a mosque in the northern city of Kunduz on Friday, the latest in a string of horrific strikes in the war-torn country.

It happened only a day after a blast at a mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan's northernmost city, which left dozens dead and wounded in the country's second significant attack on the Shia Hazara population in a week. 

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