Children trained to restore historical monuments

May 20, 2022 - 21:0

TEHRAN –The UNESCO-designated Golestan Palace organized a two-day workshop for children on the restoration and preservation of the historical monuments, the director of the World Heritage site has said. 

“These workshops provided families and their children with information and knowledge about protecting and restoring cultural heritage,” Afarin Emami explained on Friday. 

“The two-day workshops, which came to an end on Friday, allowed participants to restore some tiles, while the methods of repairing and preserving tiles are taught,” the official added. 

Moreover, the participants examined decorations of the tall buildings of the palace complex using special cameras, she noted. 

A destination for domestic and international travelers, Golestan Palace is located in the heart and historic core of Tehran. The palace complex is one of the oldest in the Iranian capital, originally built during the Safavid dynasty (1501–1736) in the historic walled city.

Following extensions and additions, it received its most characteristic features in the 19th century, when the palace complex was selected as the royal residence and seat of power by the Qajar ruling family (1789-1925). At present, the Golestan Palace complex consists of eight key palace structures mostly used as museums and the eponymous gardens, a green shared center of the complex, surrounded by an outer wall with gates.

As mentioned by UNESCO, the complex exemplifies architectural and artistic achievements of the Qajar era including the introduction of European motifs and styles into Persian arts.



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