Golestan Province exports agro products to 25 countries

May 28, 2022 - 15:9

TEHRAN - Agricultural products of Golestan Province, northern Iran, are exported to 25 countries because of the fact that the products are organic, a member of the Iranian parliament said.

Head of the Agriculture, Water, Environment and Natural Resources Committee of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Javad Askari told IRNA that the agricultural sector of Golestan province has a good capacity for production, job creation, and revenue generation.

He noted that the province enjoys special capabilities and capacities in the production of agricultural, horticultural, poultry, and fishery products.

Golestan supplies nearly 50 percent of protein needed in Tehran Province, the MP said, adding that the northern province is planned to turn into a hub for producing agricultural products.

Members of the Agriculture, Water, Environment, and Natural Resources Commission of the Iranian Parliament have initiated a three-day visit to Golestan on Thursday to inspect agricultural projects in the northern province.

There are 214k farmers in Golestan, who produced 4.5 million tons of various agricultural products last year; this province accounted for five percent of the country’s total agricultural products in the mentioned year.

Golestan Province with two million inhabitants has an agricultural-oriented economy.

The northern province is surrounded by Turkmenistan in the north, Semnan Province in the south, North Khorasan Province in the east, and Mazandaran Province in the west borders.


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