A beautiful historical story by the late Saeed Tashakori

June 12, 2022 - 18:8

Most people nowadays know and admire Saeed Tashakori, a dedicated and honest writer whose love for the eighth Imam can be found in all of his works. 

"Parizad," like most of the works of this popular author, was born with a unique subject from the heart of history. This book is one of the final artifacts he left for our literary world, and it was released just before he died. "Parizad" is a lively and well-received work. Because the characters are numerous and everyone has an essential part and a crucial role in the plot, it is impossible to present the protagonist as a single individual.

The book is divided into fourteen chapters, each of which is broken down into smaller parts, each having its own narrator and individual point of view. The characters are introduced quickly, and the story moves at a fast pace with numerous different locations. The shifts are so drastic that one could think the author is disorganized in the first few pages, but Saeed Tashakori is more professional than just going through a story without a strategy.

The plot of the novel takes place during the Timurid dynasty. The country is facing serious crises, such as water shortages in large parts of Greater Khorasan, as well as other challenges. The title of the book is taken from a young girl who emerges in the story with a strange mission.

“Parizad” is a complete historical novel published by Soore Mehr, and its author, Saeed Tashakori, was a brilliant writer, critic, director, and novelist who died on February 7th of last year in Mashhad.

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