The West forcibly backed down from some positions: advisor

July 2, 2022 - 21:24

TEHRAN – Mohammad Marandi, an advisor to the Iranian negotiating team at the nuclear talks, has said that the West was compelled to give up some of its positions in recent months and they will be forced to give up other positions in order to resolve the remaining issues.

Marandi added in a press interview that Iran demanded throughout the negotiations that took place in Vienna to give it tangible guarantees. He rejected Western rumors that seeking these guarantees are beyond the nuclear agreement, Al Alam reported. 

Marandi explained that the Americans and Europeans, despite their resistance, were forced to accept the Iranian demands, one after the other, gradually. He explained that the tangible guarantees that Iran is now also demanding are for the continuation of the nuclear agreement and not an issue outside the agreement, because it was America that violated the agreement during Obama's era and during the time of Trump who tore up the agreement, and Biden also refrains from implementing the agreement.

The advisor to the Iranian delegation said arguments by the West that Iran has violated the nuclear agreement are aimed at putting pressure on Iran so that Western countries can extract concessions from it.

Responding to a question about the possibility of activating the so-called snapback mechanism by the West or even a military clash, Marandi said that the Americans and Europeans are not in a position to create new crises. He pointed out that those who raise this issue want to raise anxiety in Iran in order to concede to greed and sign an agreement full of flaws, but the truth is that the situation of the Westerners is very volatile and that Iran is the dominant player in the negotiations.

With regard to the upcoming scenarios, the advisor said the West, which was forced to back down from some of its positions in the past months, is also forced to give up now in order to resolve the outstanding issues and reach an agreement.

This is necessary because the positions of the Westerners conflict with the full implementation of the nuclear agreement and the return of the Iranian economy to its normal state, he added.

He said, “Another thing is the coming of winter and the energy crisis facing Westerners. Iran's demands are reasonable and compatible with the framework of the nuclear agreement. Therefore, the most reasonable policy for the Westerners is to agree with Iran and accept its logical demands before the cold weather and the winter come around, instead of blaming others.”

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