Hossein Askari: it’s worthy of note

July 3, 2022 - 16:43

TEHRAN – Football is the most popular sport in Iran and a football player becomes famous as a result of this. However, many Iranian athletes have already started to shine in the other sports. Cyclist Hossein Askari is one of them.

On Saturday, Askari won the title of Iran Cycling Championships in time trial discipline. Askari is 47.

He started winning medal in 2001, where the Iranian cyclist finished in third place in the Tour of Saudi Arabia.

Askari is one of the most decorated Iranian athletes but not as famous as the others.

He has participated in many cycling championships so far and bagged many medals in the various tours.

As a sign of respect to Askari, the hat should be taken off.

He is not an athlete like Ali Daei, Saeid Marouf and Hamed Haddadi because the cycling in Iran is not popular as football, volleyball and basketball.

All the Iranians must respect him because Askari has hoisted the country’s flag for many times.

Cycling is among the most difficult sports and is the most physically demanding sport as all the muscles of the rider’s body gets into action.

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