Over 1m conscripts receive vocational training in 4 years

July 15, 2022 - 16:39

TEHRAN – Over a million conscripts have received vocational training during the past 4 years, Mohammad-Javad Zadeh-Kamand, director of education management at the Technical and Vocational Training Organization, has said.

The comprehensive plan for vocational training of soldiers, which started in June 2017, was launched with the aim of promoting attractiveness and vitality in the military service, as well as training soldiers in the period before, during, and after the service.

Based on a 5-year plan, approved for the comprehensive skill training, targets 100 percent coverage of soldiers through general, basic, and specialized skills training.

There are two types of skills for soldiers and in various economic sectors including industry, services, agriculture, culture, and art, which include many jobs.

In the last four years, one million soldiers have been trained by general and specialized skills, of which 700,000 have received skills training certificates, he stated, IRNA reported.

This year, we plan to cover 300,000 people with five skills and 220,000 people with 512 specialized skills, he explained.

“Of course, the goal is not just training, but employment, so we will be with the soldiers after the end of military service and support them to find a suitable job and provide them with the necessary facilities,” he concluded.


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