Shamkhani tells Aliyev external factors shouldn’t affect Tehran-Baku ties

July 15, 2022 - 21:38

TEHRAN— Ali Shamkhani, the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), who has traveled to Baku, met Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on Friday.

Shamkhani stressed the importance of relations between the two friendly and fraternal countries of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, noting that Iran sees no constraints in promoting comprehensive relations and collaboration with Azerbaijan.

“Our priority, especially in the incumbent government, is to deepen and expand relations with our neighbors, and in this framework our country's firm will is to increase cordial relations with Azerbaijan as a Muslim neighbor and Shia country in all fields as much as possible,” Shamkhani stated. 

Addressed President Aliyev, the SNSC chief noted, “We have had a very good cooperation with the Republic of Azerbaijan over the past 30 years, in a way that your late father Heydar Aliyev always mentioned these relations and cooperation and emphasized their development.”

The relations between the two nations are in good shape during Ilham Aliyev's tenure, and Tehran is certain that with the attention and efforts of the two countries' leaders, these relations would be elevated to an excellent level, Shamkhani added.

The top security official underscored Tehran's resolute intention to counter the elements attempting to destabilize bilateral relations, saying, "With mutual cooperation, we should not allow any factor to drive distance between us."

Finally, Shamkhani expressed hope that the next visit of Aliyev to Tehran, with the collaborative efforts of the two nations, would provide the foundation for the construction of a jump in relations.

The Azeri president, for his part, emphasized that Tehran-Baku ties are really progressing due to the firm will of the two nations' leaders, without being influenced by pressure from countries that do not want friendly and warm relations between the two capitals.

"I have traveled to Iran several times and will visit Tehran again to follow up and speed the implementation of cooperative agreements," the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan said.

Shamkhani warns against foreign interference in Tehran-Baku ties

Later, Shamkhani met Ramil Usubov, the Secretary of the Security Council of Azerbaijan. 

During the meeting, Shamkhani said, “We were one nation in the past, but we were separated for different reasons, but the common roots still remain.”

The SNSC chief stated that arrogant powers and ill-wishers should not be allowed to destroy the fraternal relations between the two countries.

Shamkhani added, "The Zionist regime, as the main center of evil and instability in the region, is currently facing political crises and internal economic and social challenges and strives to lessen internal pressures by exporting internal crises to the region."

Iran's senior security official stated that one of Tehran's primary strategies is to continue to promote peace and stability in the region, stressing that one of the main components to create peace and stability is to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries in the region.

He added, “We are against any action that leads to insecurity and changes in the geopolitics of the region and we will confront it.”

“Today, all countries in the region have come to believe that imported security cannot provide their long-term interests, and the only way to achieve stability and lasting security is through responsible cooperation between the countries of the region,” Shamkhani highlighted. 

According to the SNSC chief, Tehran considers inclusive political, economic, cultural, security, and defense cooperation between Tehran and Baku to be in the interests of Iran and Azerbaijan, and is fully prepared to develop bilateral relations that provide for the two countries' national interests without any constraints.

Usubov, for his part, highlighted the two nations' religious, cultural, and civilizational similarities as an extraordinary opportunity to deepen bilateral relations, adding that the issue of regional security and stability is one of Iran and Azerbaijan's top objectives.

Azerbaijan's senior security official then expressed hope that his Iranian counterpart's visit to Baku will be a watershed moment in bilateral relations, removing certain artificial hurdles in Tehran-Baku relations.
“Today, the decisive will of the Republic of Azerbaijan to cooperate with the countries of the region for the protection of peace has been clearly demonstrated.”

Usubov also emphasized the necessity of the efforts of the two countries to fight terrorism, organized crime and drug trafficking

He added, “The common borders of Iran and Azerbaijan should always be safe and become a symbol of friendship between the two countries.”

Azerbaijan’s top security official noted that past experiences have proved that the best way to achieve long-term security is via close cooperation and collaboration among the region's governments.

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