Salvador Macip’s book “Inside the Marvelous Box” published in Persian

November 29, 2022 - 18:22

TEHRAN – “Inside the Marvelous Box: A Journey into Life” by Catalan writer and physician Salvador Macip has been published in Persian.

Forugh Farjud is the translator of the children’s book published by Fatemi with its original illustrations by Emilio Urberuaga.

What’s in the wonderful box? Discover how fascinating life is through science.

Alicia is a very curious girl. She likes to understand everything. Rainy days are the best to ask questions: How do we know whether a thing is alive? How does a cell work? What does it keep inside? 

Accompany Alicia and her father inside the human body. Let yourself be fascinated by the world of cells, DNA and mitochondria. Nothing seems complicated if you go hand in hand with a good guide.

Macip is an M. D., researcher and writer. He received his Ph.D. in molecular genetics and human physiology. He worked for nine years at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. 

He is currently the head of a research group at the University of Leicester (UK). He is the author of over ten books. He has been awarded several times. He collaborates regularly in the written press and on the radio.

Photo: A combination photo shows writer Salvador Macip and the front cover of the Persian edition of his book “Inside the Marvelous Box”.


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