National unity debilitates foes’ power: intelligence minister

December 23, 2022 - 19:12

TEHRAN- Iranian intelligence minister asserted on Thursday that current national unity "had crippled the enemy's force," citing it as one of Iran's greatest prides.

National unity and territorial integrity have always prevailed in the Islamic Republic, said Hojjatoleslam Khatib.

The minister underlined that “the great nation of Iran, its holy system, its ever-ready nation, its wise Leader, and the people's resistance were all targeted by the Western intelligence agencies and mass media during the most recent unrests, but they were once again defeated.” 

Addressing the inauguration of a provincial intelligence official, he said in the recent disturbances in the country the adversaries turned to a full-scale and complex attack, using all their communication and media resources, which amounted to a “media world war” against Iran.

“In order to project a false picture and promote aggressiveness, terrorism, and plundering public property as their top goals, the enemy resorted to hallucinating people, falsifying news, and wielding all their power,” he added.

The intelligence minister reaffirmed that they encouraged unrest, helped separatist grouplets, and waged a psychological war on the Islamic Republic's holy system in an effort to topple the government.

However, he emphasized, “The might of the nation's security and armed forces, as well as the wise guidance of the Leader, once again prompted the adversaries to suffer a serious defeat.”

The intelligence chief also criticized propaganda by the opponents who blamed the unrest on the failure to revive the JCPOA, and thereby recognizing themselves as innocent in instigating riots in the country.

The minister went on to say that the foes are unhappy with Iran’s power couple with its people’s unwavering support for the Islamic Republic system. “Those efforts of the enemy are a proof of the Islamic Republic of Iran's power, and the Iranians' national unity to maintain this precious political system.”

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