Iran envoy meets Iraqi finance minister

January 3, 2023 - 22:55

TEHRAN – Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Mohammad Kazem Al Sadeq on Monday met Iraqi Finance Minister Taif Sami to discuss ways to develop ties between Tehran and Baghdad. 

The meeting took place at the Iraqi finance ministry.

“At the beginning of the meeting, Mrs. Taif Sami welcomed the ambassador, indicating the depth of the close bilateral relations that bind Iraq and Iran,” the Iraqi finance ministry said in a statement. 

Sami also explained the Iraqi government's keenness to support and develop the relations to include various fields, especially with regard to financial and economic affairs, according to the statement. 

Minister Taif also appreciated the various tireless efforts aimed at enhancing communication and joint coordination between Iraq and the Islamic Republic, which would develop bilateral relations and open new horizons of cooperation between the two sides, the statement added. 

For his part, Ambassador Al Sadeq praised the efforts and interest of the Minister of Finance towards strengthening the bonds of friendship between the two sides, wishing to continue cooperation and partnership at all levels and areas for the interest of the two neighboring peoples, the statement concluded. 

In December, Al Sadeq met with Iraqi Interior Minister Abdul Amir al-Shemmari and Iraqi Planning Minister Mohammad Ali Tamim.

In his meeting with al-Shemmari, Ambassador Al Sadeq emphasized the need for strict implementation of the security agreement between the two countries, including more precise control of the common borders, the issue of arms smuggling and the extradition of criminals.

Al-Shemmari, while announcing the readiness of his ministry to cooperate with Iran, addressed the common concerns of the two sides in relation to border issues and called the issue of drug entry and arms smuggling among the first priorities of the Iraqi border guard forces.

He added that the infrastructure at the border points has been strengthened and there is complete preparation to carry out border patrol missions.

The Iraqi interior minister also emphasized the need for continuous communication between the border officials of the two countries.

Al Sadeq and Tamim assessed the possibility of developing cooperation in areas of administrative transformation and information technology through establishing administrative systems and electronic government and issuing bank cards, as well as cooperation in pre-examination of goods and commodities traded between the two countries. 

They addressed the possibility of increasing the volume of commodity exchange and improving the balance of trade exchange on the part of Iraq to achieve parity.

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