TCCIMA honors exemplary entrepreneurs

January 17, 2023 - 10:42

TEHRAN- Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) awarded Amin al-Zarb badge of entrepreneurship to 10 exemplary entrepreneurs of the country in a ceremony on Monday.

The seventh edition of the mentioned award ceremony was held at Vahdat Hall in Tehran on the occasion of the 139th establishment anniversary of the TCCIMA, the chamber’s portal reported.

The ceremony was attended by TCCIMA Head Masoud Khansari and representatives of the selected top companies active in various fields.

Speaking at the ceremony, Khansari emphasized that the country's current economic conditions require the government to implement a wise approach, saying that this is not the time to create discord and the entrepreneurial community is ready to help the government in this regard.

The Amin al-Zarb award ceremony was first held in January 2017 on the occasion of the 133rd establishment anniversary of TCCIMA and the second ceremony for awarding the prize was held in January 2018 concurrent with the 134th establishment anniversary of the chamber.

The mentioned prize is named after Mohammad-Hassan Amin al-Zarb, a highly influential Iranian businessman (born in 1856), who was the first private sector investor in Iran and set up the first union of the private sector in the country. He was one of the most famous and influential entrepreneurs in Iran with many prominent achievements in entrepreneurship.


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