Problems faced by Alborz province farmers discussed in a meeting

January 29, 2023 - 9:31

TEHRAN- The issues and problems faced by farmers and producers of agricultural products in Alborz province were addressed in a meeting attended by some provincial officials.

The existence of environmental restrictions, lack of water and land, lack of liquidity, increase in production costs, flight of capital and absorption in the markets of gold and foreign currency, and difficult condition of granting bank facilities to production units were some problems raised and investigated in the meeting which was held last week.

As reported, the meeting was organized by the Investment Making Services Center of the province and participated by the province’s heads of Finance and Economic Affairs Department and Agriculture Department, and the chairman of the province’s Chamber of Cooperatives.

Addressing the meeting, Reza Jafari, the head of the province’s Finance and Economic Affairs Department, said, “Alborz province has many capacities for investment, which unfortunately have been neglected. Among the available capacities, we can mention the capacity of Alborz in the field of agriculture, especially the construction of greenhouses, which can play an important role in exports, attracting foreign investors, increasing employment, and economic prosperity of the province.”

He mentioned the state of foreign investment in Alborz province despite the sanctions and added: “Considering the problems in financial and currency exchanges between Iran and foreign countries; We can solve this problem through barter trade with other countries.”


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