Handicrafts needs to be highlighted in Iranian movies, deputy minister says

February 6, 2023 - 23:22

TEHRAN – The field of handicrafts should be given more attention in cinema, the deputy tourism minister has said.

“A greater focus should be placed on handicrafts in Iranian films,” IRNA quoted Maryam Jalali as saying on Sunday.

In order to achieve this, prominent film directors can attend the Fajr handicrafts festival, where they will be able to learn about and observe Iranian handicrafts, the official added.

Fajr handicrafts festival, one of Iran’s major crafts shows, will be inaugurated on February 23.

With 14 entries, Iran ranks first globally for the number of cities and villages registered by the World Crafts Council, as China with seven entries, Chile with four, and India with three ones come next. For instance, Shiraz is named a “world city of [diverse] handicrafts”, Malayer is a global hub for woodcarving and carved-wood furniture, while Zanjan has gained the title of a “world city of filigree.”

In addition, the ancient city of Shiraz has been chosen to host the 39th General Assembly of the World Crafts Council-Asia Pacific Region (WCC-APR) in May 2023. Shiraz has a remarkable amount of handicraft pioneers. With an average age of 70, some of these pioneers are still active in their workshops. The occupational records of about 100 pioneers are collected and are annually praised by the custodians of the WCC General Office.


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