Iran, China view unilateralism, sanctions as sources of insecurity, instability: Raisi

February 13, 2023 - 22:44

TEHRAN - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has stressed that unilateralism and brutal sanctions are the underlying determinants of current problems and rising insecurity, emphasizing the importance of multilateralism and global justice as well.

Raisi made the comments in an op-ed published in the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, on Monday.

In the article, that was published one day ahead of his visit to China, Raisi also said the historic Silk Road united Iran and China, two living and active human civilizations. He said Iran and China realized that wealth and pleasure, as desirable popular goals, can only be attained via connection and collaboration.

He added Tehran and Beijing, which have signed a 25-year partnership agreement to expand mutual cooperation in many areas, have a lot in common. They take similar stances toward global developments, are against imperialism and unilateralism, and insist on the significance of respecting the rights and national interests of other nations, Raisi remarked.

The Iranian president stated that both nations oppose unilateralism and coercive measures, such as oppressive sanctions, as the primary causes of crises and insecurity and that they should work together to achieve true multilateralism in addition to global justice, international equality, and a stable world order.

“Nations’ fundamental rights and interests, including their right to progress, are unassailable, he said, adding, “Any effort by haughty powers to politicize issues and deprive nations by abusing international institutions is deplored.”

Raisi also underscored that “Iran is vehemently opposed to extremism and terrorism and views them as being antagonistic to both genuine Islam and human progress due to its respect for all religions and commitment to Islamic principles. Pure Islam rejects radical, terrorist, and Takfiri doctrines.”

Elsewhere in his article, the president said, “We think that relying on regional actors is the only way to guarantee security. Experience has demonstrated that foreign interference in West Asia only serves to exacerbate instability and promote terrorism.”

Raisi also said that “Iran is a guarantor of peace and stability and utilizes its military capability exclusively to discourage haughty nations, as demonstrated by its rich experience in the struggle against takfiri Daesh terrorists and success in preventing their expansion to other regions of the world.”

He added, “The Islamic Republic wants to connect as much as possible with all nations, especially friendly ones like China.”

Citing China as an exemplary country which has achieved progress without colonizing other nations, he said, “Beijing has consistently demonstrated how a country may develop without engaging in colonialism, a trait of Western powers, and help others to develop. This strategy is valued by the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The president continued by calling China’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative a massive undertaking that would foster growth and mark a turning point in both culture and industry.

Iran has achieved significant strides in recent years in a number of scientific sectors, including stem cells, space industry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and nuclear technology.

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