Sepandarmazgan can replace Valentine’s Day in Iran: expert

February 26, 2023 - 18:31

TEHRAN –Sepandarmazgan, an ancient Persian festival with Zoroastrian roots, conveys Iranian love for God, land, and wife, and can be replaced by Valentine’s Day, the head of Iranology Foundation has said.

However, some imitate Valentine’s Day because they lack knowledge of the original Iranian-Islamic culture, Mohammad-Hossein Rajabi-Davani said on Sunday.

Through creating a culture in the coming years, it is hoped that the long-standing national and traditional festival of Sepandarmazgan will be replaced by the people and accepted by them instead, he added.

Sepandarmazgan is widely known as the Iranian Day of Love, which is celebrated on February 24.

This day is dedicated to Spenta Armaiti, the Amesha Spenta who is given the domain of "Earth." The date of the festival, as observed in the Sassanid era, was on the 5th day of the month Spandarmad, the last month of the Iranian calendar, Esfand, which is from February 20 to March 20.

The deity Spandarmad protected the Earth and the good, chaste, and beneficent wife who loves her husband.

In recent years, many Iranians have taken steps to introduce Sepandarmazgan as a national replica of Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated ten days after its Western edition.


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