Syria Advocates Stronger Ties Between Iran, Arab Countries

August 20, 2000 - 0:0
TEHRAN The Syrian foreign minister stressed the need to enhance cordial relations between the Arab countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In an interview with the Qatar-based satellite TV, Al-Jezeera, Farouq al-Shara said he, as the foreign minister of Syria, believes it is in the interest of the Arab states to promote good relations with Iran.
He reiterated that the deep-rooted relations between Tehran and Damascus will be preserved and even further expand under the new Syrian President Bashar Assad.
"Syria will not forget good relations established between the two countries during hard times in the past, which had positive results for Syria and other Arab states," Al-Shara stressed.
The Persian Gulf littoral states, which once held a negative attitude toward Iran, now believe that Syria's stance toward Iran has been a fair one, he added.
The Syrian foreign minister also said these countries have apologized for the hostile stance that they once took against the Islamic Republic. ---------------------------------------------------------