By Mohammad Sarfi

Why Ibrahim?

March 18, 2023 - 5:8

TEHRAN- Choosing is always a difficult task, especially when it comes to selecting the face of the year. In 1401, there were many candidates for this title, but for various reasons, our choice was Ibrahim Nablusi, a young Palestinian martyr.

The most important reason for this selection goes back to the importance of the Palestinian issue. Although more than 70 years have passed since this deep and painful wound emerged, it is still fresh for the Muslims and every free-minded human being in the world. Only from the beginning of this year until now, about 90 Palestinians have been killed by the Zionist occupation army, a significant number of whom are women and children.

Although Ibrahim was young, he had a significant impact on current developments in Palestine. With his intelligence and creativity in fighting Israeli occupiers, he became an inspiring figure in occupied territories, especially in the West Bank.

While Israel and its perennial supporter America are doing their utmost to largely downplay the Palestinian issue through various tricks, Ibrahim disrupted their plan with his short but glorious life and heroic martyrdom.

Some people used to think that the "Abraham Accords" would be the end of the bloody conflict in Palestine, but the 2022 World Cup was a clear mirror that proved the inaccuracy of those calculations.

Some treacherous Arab rulers have chosen to normalize relations with the child-killing regime, but the Muslim people of the region have never forgotten Palestine, and the noisy displays of normalization have not diminished their hatred of cancerous Israeli tumor.

Now Israelis are so afraid of Ibrahim that even if a Palestinian teenager or young person has a picture or symbol of this martyr warrior, he or she will be harassed and even arrested.

What matters about the Nablus martyr is his legacy. A legacy that can be found in his last words before martyrdom: "I will become a martyr, my mother loves you, defend our homeland after me, I am besieged and smell the scent of martyrdom, I request you not to drop your weapons."

"Not to drop weapon" is what the occupiers fear. Although Ibrahim is gone, his legacy lives on. His mother, who had placed her shoulder under the coffin of her young son on the day of the funeral with Ibrahim's gun, has now become an inspiring source and a guide. His father, who once believed that peace could be achieved with the occupiers, now says that this is the path that every free and noble human being walks.

Ibrahim’s photo shines like a beacon of freedom on pillar no. 824 from Najaf to Karbala. A few months after his martyrdom, a baby was born in Al-Khalil that his father named “Ibrahim Nablusi”. These are a few examples of the living signs of this young Palestinian fighter’s name and memory.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution, said in his speech on Quds Day this year that "today, 'unbreakable will' has replaced 'unbreakable army' in Palestine and throughout West Asia." This great and destiny-making change has been achieved with the blood of brave young people like Ibrahim Nablusi.

Ibrahim is gone. Long live the Ibrahims.

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