Health diplomacy at the top of government’s agenda

March 29, 2023 - 12:42

TEHRAN - The global effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the role of providing services, and promoting universal access to health care are factors that show the necessity of strengthening diplomatic relations in the field of health.

In this line, the main priority of the government's foreign policy is the development of relations with other countries, especially neighbors.

Over the past years, Iran has achieved remarkable successes in the field of treating certain diseases, types of cancers, eye, heart, brain, kidney surgeries, and other treatments with world-class technology and knowledge, and its low treatment costs compared to western countries is an advantage for the country.

In June 2022, Iranian Health Minister Bahram Einollahi and Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous discussed ways to expand bilateral cooperation in the fields of health tourism and pharmaceuticals.

Einollahi welcomed the exchange of medical services and equipment by the two countries, referring to the memorandum of understanding signed in various fields.

Arnous, for his part, said that there is a need to increase the exchange of medical research, especially now that there is ample opportunity for collaboration.

In May 2022, Einollahi took part in the seventy-fifth session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, explaining the successful experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran in controlling the coronavirus pandemic.

The successes of the Iranian health sector in the last three decades, especially in the field of polio eradication, vaccination, measles control, and elimination of neonatal tetanus have always been considered by the World Health Assembly.

In November 2022, Einollahi met in Tehran with Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Elio Rodríguez Perdomo.

He underlined the need for the implementation of joint documents signed by the two countries, adding that Havana and Tehran have cooperated in the healthcare sector, especially in producing the coronavirus vaccine.

The Cuban deputy minister, for his part, said that the expansion of interactions between Iran and Cuba can help stand against challenges powerfully.

In December 2022, Iraqi Health Minister Hani Musa Al-Aqabi in a meeting with Iranian Deputy Health Minister Mohammad Hossein Nicknam expressed hope to open a new chapter of health cooperation between the two countries.

In January 2023, it was announced that Iran and Armenia will set up a joint working group with the aim of boosting relations in the health sector.

Medicine, medical equipment, medical education, and healthcare, especially in the field of health tourism, as well as the exchange of professors and students, are the most important areas of cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Armenia.


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