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  • پناهندگان 2021-02-17 18:07

    Refugees in Iran to get better healthcare

    TEHRAN – A trilateral meeting on offering better healthcare to refugees in Iran was held in Tehran on Tuesday with the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Ivo Freijsen, in attendance.

  • نمکی 2020-12-04 18:53

    Healthcare coverage for millions of refugees

    Despite sanctions, Iran provides 3.5m immigrants with testing and treatment services

    TEHRAN – Health Minister Saeed Namaki has said that the country has implemented testing and treatment coverage programs for 3.5 million legal and illegal Afghan immigrants despite all restrictions due to unlawful and unilateral sanctions.

  • Basem Naim 2020-12-02 12:02

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Israeli blockade hindering COVID-19 fight in Gaza: ex-Palestinian health minister 

    TEHRAN – The former Palestinian health minister says the Israeli blockade against the Gaza Strip for more than fourteen years has affected all aspects of life in the coastal strip including health, educational, social and humanitarian aspects, especially as the enclave is facing the Coronavirus pandemic. 

  • Italian Ambassador to Tehran Giuseppe Perrone 2020-10-26 09:51

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Italian envoy highlights role of art in commemorating healthcare workers

    TEHRAN – Italian Ambassador to Tehran Giuseppe Perrone has said artisans can play a great part in commemorating the healthcare workers who were sacrificed during the battle against the coronavirus.

  • Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Ali-Asghar Mounesan (R) and his deputy for tourism Vali Teymouri are seen during their visits to the Tehran Times in downtown Tehran, October 3, 2020. 2020-10-04 21:56

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Iran sets sights on tourism rebound if coronavirus wanes, minister says

    TEHRAN – The Islamic Republic of Iran is developing necessary infrastructure in the realms of traveling, accommodation, and human resources as it eyeing to jumpstart travels whenever coronavirus restrictions ease, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Ali-Asghar Mounesan told the Tehran Times in an exclusive interview on Saturday.

  • Medical centers opened in memory of health martyrs 2020-08-25 18:02

    Medical centers opened in memory of health martyrs

    TEHRAN – The Ministry of Health inaugurated 164 medical centers across the country on Tuesday in memory of the healthcare workers who have lost their lives fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Mohammad Javad Zarif 2020-03-30 12:17

    World will fail again if pandemic fails to stop unilateralism, Zarif warns

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that if the global coronavirus pandemic fails to stop melancholy in politics and irresponsible unilateralism, the world and its "moral values will fail again".

  • Rouhani 2020-03-29 12:13

    Vaccine and antiviral medicine must be developed to contain Covid-19, president says

    'We must tap all experiences around world': Rouhani

    TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani said late on Saturday that Iran must tap all experiences around the world in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Rabiei 2020-02-24 15:04

    Coronavirus outbreak should not be politicized: government 

    TEHRAN - Ali Rabiei, the government spokesman, condemned any move to politicize outbreak of COVID-19, calling on political groups, parties and media outlets to refrain from accusing baselessly the country’s Health Ministry officials. 

  • “Each Home a Health Center” to be piloted in 3 provinces 2019-11-25 16:05

    “Each Home a Health Center” to be piloted in 3 provinces

    TEHRAN – A scheme called “Each Home a Health Center” will be piloted in 3 provinces of the country on Tuesday to promote public health literacy and improve health culture in the society, Mohammad Eslami, head of health plans management department at the Ministry of Health has announced.

  • بیماران سرطانی 2019-10-30 11:29

    HRW says Iran's healthcare system threatened by U.S. sanctions

    When Ghazal had an operation at a hospital in Tehran to remove a tumor from her thigh, she hoped surgeons could take the whole growth out.

  • Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki (L) meets Director General of World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus 2019-10-14 18:24

    WHO lauds Iran's commitment to public health coverage

    TEHRAN – World Health Organization Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has said Iran's commitment to ensure highest health standards for all segments of the population is commendable, ISNA reported.

  • Over 5 million health ambassadors trained in Iran 2019-10-02 18:54

    Over 5 million health ambassadors trained in Iran

    TEHRAN – Over 5 million health ambassadors have been trained and educated in the country to help eliminate diseases or reduce the burden of illnesses on the society, head of education and promotion affairs at the Ministry of Health has announced.

  • 2019-06-26 15:30

    Knowledge-based companies find mechanisms to reduce costs of healthcare: Minister

    TEHRAN – Besides manufacturing medical equipment and raw material, knowledge-based companies should find new mechanisms in order to reduce costs of healthcare system, the health minister Masoud Namali said, Fars reported on Sunday.

  • flood 2019-04-18 00:15

    Free health care for flood-hit families

    TEHRAN- The families struck by the flood will receive free medical care by the end of the crisis, announced Mohammad Esmaeil Motlaq, the director general for risk management at the Ministry of Health. 

  • world health summit regional meeting 2019-04-17 09:51

    Iran to host World Health Summit regional meeting

    TEHRAN- Iran will host The World Health Summit (WHS), one of the world's most prominent forums for addressing global health issues, announced the Iranian deputy health minister for research and technology. 

  • Masood Soltanifar (R) addresses a ground-breaking ceremony in Qeshm Island, April 4, 2019. 2019-04-07 08:55

    Ground broken for enormous healthcare complex in Qeshm

    TEHRAN - Construction of a giant healthcare complex began on Thursday with a ground-breaking ceremony in Iran’s southern Qeshm Island, ISNA reported.

  • Healthcare scheme to be implemented during Noruz 2019-03-10 10:18

    Healthcare scheme to be implemented during Noruz

    TEHRAN – A scheme offering 24-hour healthcare services will be implemented in the country from March 16 to April 6 during the Iranian New Year holidays (Noruz), the deputy health minister has announced.

  • self-care application 2019-02-24 09:14

    Self-care application to start in 6 months

    TEHRAN- A self-care digital application has been designed and will go on stream in the first half of the next Iranian calendar year (starting March 21), said Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi. 

  • healthcare 2018-12-08 22:27

    Health inflation lower than general rate in H1

    TEHRAN- During the first half of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-September 22) healthcare inflation rate was at 19%, standing below general inflation rate which averaged 36%, announced Health Ministry Spokesperson Iraj Harirchi.  

  • electronic health system 2018-12-08 22:25

    Iran, Turkey sign MOU on e-health development 

    TEHRAN - Iran’s Salamat health insurance organization and Turkey’s Medofas Medical signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on developing their healthcare systems through the use of information technology and electronic infrastructures, IRIB reported on Saturday. 

  • referral scheme in medical system 2018-12-01 00:15

    Healthcare “referral scheme” to expand to 10 provinces

    TEHRAN- The referral of patients from their family physicians to specialists, called “referral scheme” will be applied in 10 provinces by the end of the current Iranian calendar year in March 2019. 

  • Charity foundation completes building 57 healthcare centers  2018-11-21 09:50

    Charity foundation completes building 57 healthcare centers 

    TEHRAN — Barekat Charity Foundation affiliated to Headquarters for Executing the Order of the Imam also known as Setad-e Ejraiye Farman-e Hazrat-e Emam has completed construction of 57 healthcare centers in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan. 

  • WHO recognizes Iran as ‘good example’ of healthcare services 2018-11-05 09:44

    WHO recognizes Iran as ‘good example’ of healthcare services

    TEHRAN — The World Health Organization (WHO) director general has appreciated Iran’s efforts in primary healthcare and healthcare reform plan, recognizing Iran as a good example of carrying out proper primary healthcare projects, ISNA reported.

  • Mobile medical clinics dispatched to thousands deprived areas nationwide 2018-10-09 23:01

    Mobile medical clinics set up in 1,000 deprived areas

    TEHRAN – Ehsan-Barekat Foundation has dispatched mobile medical groups to and set up clinics in some 1,000 underprivileged regions throughout the country, Fars reported on Tuesday.

  • Govt. allots $3.5b to health sector: minister 2018-09-08 00:39

    Govt. allots $3.5b to health sector: minister

    TEHRAN — The Iranian government has allocated $3.5 billion to state-run centers in the health sector to control the adverse effects of currency fluctuations, Health Minister Hassan Qazizadeh-Hashemi said on Thursday.