By Ali Karbalaei

Trump indictment: Biggest charade in U.S. history

April 4, 2023 - 19:37

TEHRAN- With such major crimes committed by all U.S. Presidents, Donald Trump’s indictment is a joke.

The former occupant of the White House is the first President in American history to be criminally indicted. Whether Trump ends up facing prison time is not as important as to why Trump should face prison time.

According to reports, a New York court says the charges refer to hush money paid to a female individual, who Trump allegedly had an affair with, using campaign money.

Trump’s indictment purely serves American domestic politics.

It is the biggest joke with the biggest diversion of facts in U.S. history.

This case is being used by Democrats as some polls show Trump in the lead over Biden to win the next presidential election as he attempts to make a comeback.

In an ideal world, Trump should have been indicted for the real crimes he had committed during his tenure.

But he hasn’t been, because those crimes are similar to that of his political rivals, the sitting President Joe Biden and all former presidents in U.S. history who are guilty as well.

Remiro Funez, an anti-imperialist activist based in California, told Tehran Times that what isn’t being discussed is that "none of this involves global victims of U.S. imperialism.”

“The Democrats and Republicans only get upset when events impact a domestic political scandal, why isn’t the bombing of Yemen a political scandal? Why isn’t Biden’s support for Israeli bombing of Syria on a regular basis worthy of an indictment?” Funez asked.

Trump should be in jail for war crimes, the persecution of the Palestinians, imposing unprecedented sanctions on sovereign countries, separating very young refugee children from their parents and holding them in despicable conditions in cages on the southern border under his “Zero Tolerance Policy”.

Until around two years ago more than 500 of these kids had still not been relocated with their parents, despite the severe crackdown drawing international outrage.

But who built the “concentration camps” in the first place? None other than his predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump should be jailed for the expansion of sanctions against Cuba and his orchestrated coup attempts against Venezuela, Bolivia and beyond.

The same U.S. policy of widespread interference in Latin America that former U.S. presidents had pursued and that triggered vulnerable refugees from Latin America to arrive at the southern border out of desperation.

If American presidents stopped their interference in Central America, which have caused so much economic hardship and riots, there would be no refugees flooding the American southern border.

Last year scores of Democratic lawmakers strongly criticized President Biden for his treatment of refugees at the southern border.  

Funez, who promotes international friendship and solidarity with all nations resisting empire, says “all the coups that have been carried out in Latin America by the U.S. in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, we can go on and on, the list is endless. The U.S. has carried out so many operations that led to the deaths of millions of people all over the global south. There are no indictment charges about that.”

He explains "this is because when U.S. imperialism has an issue on an international scale it unites. There is no difference between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Republicans when it comes to foreign policy. The policy of U.S. imperialism is money, banking, usury and capitalism."

"It's about destroying a nation, destroying independent revolutionary peoples, who are trying to create progress and develop, while the U.S. tries everything it can to destroy these nations with color revolutions." 

Funez highlights that "there are so many grounds for indictment for every single U.S. president in the history of the country. Every single U.S. president is a war criminal." 

When mass protests took place across the U.S. over the police murder of George Floyd in May 2020, under the country’s institutionalized racism against black Americans, Trump sent federal agents in vehicles with no number plates to kidnap the protesters.

So many presidents have presided over this racist policy against black Americans yet they have enjoyed impunity.

Trump should be indicted for “the assassination of the heroic general Qassem Soleimani, who defended so many people against Daesh terrorism, instead Trump was celebrated for that in the U.S.,” Funez pointed out.  

There are so many other major crimes that Trump has committed, which the U.S. establishment has kept silent about. 

This is while reports revealed that Biden and his family businesses are just as corrupt as Trump and his family were.

Barack Obama should be in prison for engineering coups against the people of Libya, Honduras, Paraguay and beyond.

“Why isn’t the bombing of Yugoslavia under President Bill Clinton considered a war crime?” Funez said.   

"They are trying to portray Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal yet he is defending the heroic people of the Donbas and protecting Russian borders [from NATO]."

George Bush should be in jail for his illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq under the his so-called “war on terror”.

The invasions saw a gigantic rise and emergence of terrorist groups in West Asia. The wars also led to the casualties of around one million people in each country.

While the U.S.-led NATO alliance triggered the Ukraine war by expanding its military presence on Russian borders, the U.S. and its Western allies waged wars on the other side of the world when there was no threat to their own security.

The West blames Moscow for the Ukraine war, froze more than 300 billion dollars in Russian assets, imposed unprecedented sanctions on the country, while the hugely unpopular U.S. invasions, along with the devastating death tolls that came with them has seen U.S. presidents escape any punitive measures.

There is a lack of criminal prosecution at the highest levels of American power.

Its very contradictory and hypocritical for the neo-liberal agenda not to mention any of these very serious crimes committed by all American leaders.

All U.S. mainstream media channels have simultaneously provided their viewers live coverage of Trump’s court case. Even the war in Ukraine has been removed from American media outlets. 

The alleged hush money case is on all the front pages. What really should occupy the front pages are all the illegal U.S. wars and war crimes from West Asia to South America to everything that is transpiring right now with 150 billion dollars being sent at the expense of American taxpayer’s money to fund a proxy war against Russia with Ukrainian civilians trapped in the middle.

U.S. crimes against humanity overseen by many of the country’s presidents and the rise of terrorism as a result of American presidents’ foreign policy, especially over the past decade, have been met with international silence.

But as a new multi-polar global world order appears to be on the horizon with countries slowly but surely shifting to the East, it may not be long before American presidents are taken to real international tribunals and jailed for all the damage they have caused to sovereign nations around the globe. 

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