‘Capital market plays significant role in materializing slogan of year’

April 12, 2023 - 8:17

TEHRAN- The advisor to Iran’s finance and economic affairs minister said that capital market plays an important role in materializing the slogan of the current Iranian calendar year, which is “Inflation Control, Production Growth”.

Hamid-Reza Fouladgar said that the mechanism of the capital market, including the commodity exchange, can play an effective role in realizing this year's slogan, in such a way that due to the transparency of transactions in the stock exchange, the rent-seeking that causes the price of raw materials to rise is prevented, and transparency and competitiveness in the industries are improved.

He pointed to the role of the capital market in realizing the slogan of "Inflation Control and Production Growth" and added: “The role of the capital market in realizing production growth is that the more we move forward, the more luck, and of course logical fluctuations, we should witness in this market. In such a way that the capital market should not be capital-averse but capital-attractive, and at the same time, the rules of supply and demand and the rules of the capital market should be completely governed in it.”

The process of supplying raw materials for production and optimal and transparent distribution of these materials from the commodity exchange platform plays an effective role in the growth of production, and it is also effective in organizing the market and realizing supply and demand, he explained.


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