By Batool Al-Subeiti

The philosophy of the wrong state’s establishment and possibility of its continuity

April 14, 2023 - 1:16

The wrong state arose out of necessity and as a pillar of a new colonial system after the First World War, as the global colonial capitalist powers represented by the United Kingdom and France carved up continents. Then to wrestle the helm of leadership, the Americans took power from the Europeans after the Second World War, therefore the formation of the wrong state was as a reliable and forward base, planted in the most important strategic area and promising an important lifeline that the West cannot do without.

The matter did not continue as it was, and with America attempting to establish a new world order after the fall of the Soviet Union based on one imperialist capitalist pole, the wrong state no longer of the importance it previously had, with America directly descending and rule the region through the thesis of the New Middle East project.

The current phase is the attempt to create a multipolar world for countries to escape from the American policy of blockade, sanctions, and financial exclusion, which has become a systematic American approach in managing its relations with the countries of the world, the importance of the wrong state has declined. Its importance in relation to the interests of the West has become marginal, and we are now living through this stage with the focus of the Western-American military conflict on Russia and the conflict trade with China.

The wrong state was founded as a large stick to discipline the surrounding nations, to protect Western interests under the American leadership, and therefore was founded as the largest military base in the form of a state to balance the region's policies according to the American vision. This entity is now in need of protection, and this is contrary to the goal for which it was found.

What are the factors that threaten the continuity of the wrong state? At the level of its enemies, these include:

1) Geographical and demographic vulnerability. After the wrong state reached the peak of its expansion by occupying the Lebanese capital, Beirut in 1982, it did not stop from that date exclusively retreating and regressing.

2) It gradually withdrew under the pressure of resistance operations from Lebanon until May 2000, and from the Gaza Strip in 2005

3) The evolution of internal resistance from stones to white weapons, to guns. Now, the wrong state is encircling itself with a wall for fear of operations coming from the West Bank. Within the circle of the entity surrounded by the wall, the number of Palestinians is increasing, and their influence on the political life of the wrong state is also increasing.

Exploring the quantitative and qualitative developments of the resistance, these include:

1) Attributes such as seriousness, careful planning, determination and real will

2) The qualitative development at the level of weapons, their accuracy, quantity, and combat effectiveness, as was seen in the July war. The qualitative leap in the Battle of Saif Al-Quds, and this development has become accelerating on all fronts.

3) The geographical area of the resistance expanded and extended all the way to the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait, as well as extension from Iran to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

4) In the leadership of the axis, Iran is developing very quickly and it is taking a broader political role, not only at the regional level but also at the global level. Iran is involved in an effective manner in most of the hot issues of the region and the world, despite the blockade that passes on countries in the world, as is the case, and this axis moves in harmony in all its focal points.

5) The strategies of resistance today differ from what was usual in the past. During the emergence of the Palestinian revolution led by Yasser Arafat, there were commando operations carried out by the Palestinian factions from abroad, from the neighboring countries such as Jordan before 1970, and Lebanon for more than a decade after that, then into the occupied Palestinian interior. Today, there is a policy of multiple fronts, and intervening, when necessary, from the closest ally, until the aggression is thwarted. Therefore, all sides of the resistance emerge from the confrontations stronger and more coordinated despite the destruction and killing, and this is under a central slogan, the unity of the battle.

On the level of the allies, the factors that threaten the continuity of the wrong state include:

1) The wrong state is no longer serving its functional role. The method of direct engagement of the Americans in the affairs of the regions of the world has made the entity lose the influence it had when it was created to suit the Western colonial engagement that was indirect.

2) The reformulation of the world and creation of the new world order is the biggest challenge of America. The problems of the population, water, pollution, of luxury, and domination are becoming more important.

3) Reducing China's commercial power has become a priority so that this surplus does not turn into a political surplus.

4) Reducing the political influence of the Russians who are trying to restore their political and military role in the region has become more important.

5) The wrong state in all of this has no role. In fact, it has its own concerns that it wants to implicate the West with. Therefore, the world is engaged in new challenges that do not have the primacy of the wrong state.

On the inner level, the factors that threaten the continuity of the wrong state include:

1) The clear vertical division between the extreme right religious wings and the civil wings.

2) Battles of corruption and their distribution amongst partisan political action.

3) Raising the ceiling of threats as a tool in the repeated electoral battles.

How does the wrong state deal with existential crises?

It exercises excessive use of force. The reality is that whoever is in full strength and security does not resort to such exaggeration of force. The excessive violence and killing against Palestinians seem to be indirect messages the Zionists are sending to their masters in the West, the message of objecting to Western policies towards them and dealing in their own way. The indication of the wrong state’s weakness is resorting to oppressing the weak to such a magnitude as was seen in Al-Aqsa.

Assessing the verbal approach in threats the wrong state has taken, for more than twenty years the Zionist regime has been talking about attacking sites to disable Iran's nuclear reactors, but it hasn’t done so because it doesn’t have the American cover or seal of approval. Their strategy is one of wanting to fight their real enemies through others; they want America to fight Iran on their behalf. However, in addition to losing their allies, they are losing themselves. Their faith in their existence and continuity seemed to be shaken, and the curse of the 8th decade is something ex-premier Ehud Barak has spoken about. It is clear that ultimately the wrong state has lost its confidence and security.

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