By Sabir Abu Maryam Sec. Gen. of PLF

Al-Quds Day is the guarantor of Palestine's freedom

April 17, 2023 - 20:32

The last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan is observed worldwide as the day of the liberation of al-Quds Sharif.  People all over the world come out in favor of the oppressed Palestinian people on this day and assure their support by protesting against the Zionist illegitimate state of Israel and its occupation on the First Qibla, including Palestine.

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, appealed to observe the Day of Al-Quds. 

As a religious scholar and mujtahid, he announced the commemoration of the Day of Al-Quds, looking at the circumstances and events, and told his followers that the Day of Al-Quds is the hope for the oppressed people of Palestine.  It is a day to stand up against oppression and oppressors, and whoever does not observe this day is serving imperialism and is an agent of Western regimes.

That is, Imam Khomeini also knew that when he issued this order to his followers, the anti-Islamic and anti-Palestinian forces would certainly end this day or stop its effects in the future.  

Therefore, Imam Khomeini has already made it clear that if anything against Al-Quds Day is seen from inside or outside, it means that, this is the language of hostile forces.  It is the language of anti-Islam powers.

We see that even in the occupied territories of Palestine, the last Friday of Ramadan is celebrated under the title of Al-Quds Day.  

From the mosques of occupied Palestine, where the importance of Al-Quds Day is explained in the sermons, it has been seen that the Christian community and the church also talk about Al-Quds Day in the weekly religious services, that is, Al-Quds Day among the Palestinian Arabs in occupied Palestine.  It is a very important day.

The inhabitants of Palestine, whether they are Christians or Muslims, celebrate the last Friday of Ramadan as the Day of Al-Quds. 

After the Friday prayer gathering in Al-Quds Sharif, the series of rallies starts, which is always. It is ongoing.  This time too, large-scale preparations are underway in occupied Palestine to celebrate Al-Quds Day. 

Likewise, the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are not behind the Muslims of the world and here too, Al-Quds Day is celebrated with enthusiasm.

As far as the other countries of the world are concerned, in almost all the countries of the world, whether they are Arab or non-Arab countries, the gatherings of the Al-Quds Day are held in all places. The Quds Day is a day to awaken the people of the whole world to support the oppressed Palestinians and restore the first Qibla of Jerusalem, but at the same time, it has practically united the Muslims and Muslim nations living around the world to the point that all mutual unity and we are united for the liberation of Palestine and the recovery of the first Qibla.

It can be said that Imam Khomeini's philosophy of celebrating the Day of Al-Quds presented to the world, this philosophy has connected the Muslim nations of the world.  It has created such an atmosphere of unity and love that America and Israel are afraid of.  

The defeat of America and its followers is actually the unity of the Muslim nations, and especially if this unity is for the recovery of Al-Aqsa Mosque, it will definitely lead to the failure of all the conspiracies of America and Israel.

This year, Al-Quds Day is happening in such a situation that on one hand, the illegitimate Zionist government is busy counting its last breaths, on the other hand, the Islamic resistance is on the path of development and strength.

The mutual alliance of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad is causing chaos in the ranks of the enemy. Israel is rapidly moving towards its last days, the journey of annihilation.

On the one hand, the act of resistance is multiplying, on the other hand, the mutual riots of the Zionist settlers from within have put a nail in the Zionist coffin.

This year's Al-Quds Day should resonate with the slogans of disapproval of Israel, this slogan is constantly echoing in Pakistan that Israel is a usurper and an illegitimate state and Pakistan will not recognize it.  

There was a single echo that Israel is not accepted.

This is the message of the Day of Al-Quds.

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