The Supreme Leader’s View of Palestine

Israel wants to leave sooner…

April 14, 2023 - 0:45

As for the Zionist regime — which is another enemy of ours — in its 75 years of existence, it had never faced a dire crisis like the one it is facing today. Firstly, it is gripped by “political instability.” They have changed four prime ministers in four years. Their political coalitions fall apart before they have even been formed completely.

They form a coalition, but the coalition falls apart after just a short time. The parties that have already been formed or are gradually being formed dissolve. That is, they become so weak that it is like dissolution.

Extreme bipolarity exists throughout the fake regime. [If] you look at it now — the Palestinian issue is a different matter — there is bipolarity among them. The demonstrations of 100,000 and 200,000 or more people in Tel Aviv and various other cities are a sign of this. Now, they may strike a place with a few rockets here and there, [but] this won’t compensate for that issue. They are truly suffering from political weakness and instability. They have announced that the number of people, the number of Jews, who will leave Israel soon will reach to two million. They have announced this. They have said that in the near future some two million people will leave the Zionist regime [, the Occupied Territories].

Their own officials continuously warn that their collapse is nearing. Their president says this, their former prime minister says this, their [national] security chief says this, their defense minister says this. They all say it. They say our collapse is close. We will not make it to our 80th birthday. We had said [in 2015] that they would not see 25 years from then, but they themselves are in a rush and want to leave sooner.

We shouldn’t say that the strength of the Palestinian groups has increased by several times compared to the past. [Rather,] it has increased by perhaps tens of times. We received a report saying that the Palestinians carried out 27 operations in the Occupied Territories in 24 hours, in all parts of Palestine. They operate in Jerusalem, in the lands of the West Bank, and in the lands of 1948. They operate everywhere. The Palestine of Oslo — you remember the disgrace that Yasser Arafat and others made for Palestine in the Oslo Accords — has become the Palestine of Areen al-Ousoud [The Lion’s Den]. The Palestine of “ousoud,” the lions! This is how much it has changed. This is how the Palestinians have transformed. On the other hand, they [the Zionist regime] have become weak. Praise God, the Resistance Front is gaining power, examples of this are the Palestinian [groups] that I mentioned. This was something that I wanted to share with you.

Palestine is the pivot of Islamic Awakening

After the Islamic Revolution in Iran and Imam Khomeini’s (r.a.) movement, the wave of Islamic Awakening spread vigorously to other parts of the region and the world in two decades. Today the issue of Palestine is the pivot of this movement. The al-Aqsa Intifada managed to go beyond the borders of Palestine and engage all Muslim and Arab nations. Massive demonstrations of Muslim nations throughout the world of Islam showed that the people of Palestine could count on their support and that Palestinians can play an important role in creating unity among Muslims.

The day Islamic resistance was formed in Lebanon on Imam Khomeini’s advice and through the efforts made by valorous Lebanese men, Israel had already occupied Beirut – that is, the capital city of Lebanon – and had control over this country’s political fate. At that time, when Islamic resistance shouted the slogan “march, march towards al-Quds”, some misinformed group of people called them naïve and sarcastically asked, “Is it possible to move towards al-Quds while you [Lebanese people] are unable to go to your own capital city.” It took 18 years for Islamic resistance to gain that historic victory. Eighteen years is not a long time in the history of a nation.

Resistance: A prerequisite for liberation

The al-Aqsa Intifada was an uprising staged by the people, which showed that Palestinians are disappointed in all solutions that involve compromise. The al-Aqsa Intifada showed that Palestinians have realized that victory can only be gained through resistance. As a successful paradigm for the Islamic Ummah, resistance could for the first time liberate the occupied lands without making any concessions to Israel and prevented the realization of the Zionist regime's wishes of raising its flag in the capital city of Lebanon. According to the Camp David Accords, Israel agreed to retreat on condition that Egypt did not send its army to the Sinai Peninsula in the north. But in the south, it is Israel that is begging Lebanon to send its army to the borders of Palestine and Lebanon due to its fear of the power of Islamic resistance. That is to say, Islamic resistance could fully restore Lebanon's national authority over the southern parts of Lebanon as well as other parts of the Lebanese-occupied lands.

Survival of Palestine and annihilation of Israel

Today the leaders of the usurping Zionist regime and their American supporters – who are foolishly giving them unconditional support – are trying to erase the name of Palestine from history and from the minds of the world's people. Since the year 1947 and 1948, when Palestine was fully occupied and the Zionist regime came to power, they have not managed to achieve this goal and they will not be able to do so for decades. They will not be able to annihilate the name of Palestine. It is the Zionists who will disappear from the face of the earth and from history. But Palestine and the Palestinian nation will stay. They mistakenly think that Palestine and the Palestinian nation will be annihilated. The Palestinian nation will survive. Palestine will survive as well. By Allah's favor, Palestine's flag will be raised by the faithful Palestinian and Lebanese youth.

Zionism and the fake usurping Zionist regime in Palestine are doomed to annihilation. The people of Palestine must ask Allah the Exalted for assistance and rely on Him. Palestinian and Lebanese youth as well as all youth of the world of Islam and all intellectuals must pursue this path.

The oppressive and usurping Zionists must know that the faithful young generation of Palestine and Lebanon are invincible. The faithful and determined resistance of the Palestinian nation cannot be stopped through political negotiations, security, and military pressure, or propaganda mercenaries. Similarly, the honorable Iranian nation cannot be defeated through the old, unsuccessful methods that the Zionists have frequently used in the past two decades.

The definite future

The present conditions in Palestine are indicative of the definite future that Allah the Exalted has promised for sincere and determined mujahids. And this divine promise is inviolable. The oppressive and brutal Zionist regime as well as American politicians and global Zionism wrongly think that they will manage to defeat the Palestinian nation through their brutal actions. They think they will manage to force the Palestinian nation to surrender. This is a fatal mistake. And those who make this mistake will be severely punished in the future.

Palestine belongs to the Palestinian nation. Sooner or later, the usurpers will inevitably surrender to this reality. Today the faithful and resisting Palestinian youth are entrusted with a great historic responsibility, and they should rely on divine assistance and God's inviolable promises. Through their hope, faith, and selfless efforts, they should ensure a bight future for their nation. Through the continuation of resistance by the faithful Palestinian people and the support of the world of Islam, Palestine will, by Allah's favor, be liberated. And al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa and the other parts of the occupied Islamic lands will be restored to the world of Islam.

The victory of blood over the sword

The people of the world of Islam should also know that America and the arrogant powers cannot get engaged in the issues of Muslim countries as a benevolent and sympathetic mediator. Their role is that of an enemy, a supporter of oppressors and aggressors. The duty of Muslims does not end here. This duty will remain on the shoulders of all Muslims. The faithful people of Palestine must be armed. They should be assisted and emotionally supported so that they can pursue their courageous jihad. Today the Palestinian nation has proven through its resistance, valor, and tireless efforts that blood can stand up to the sword. And by Allah's favor, the Palestinian nation will prove that blood can defeat the sword.

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