‘Flower producers need government’s help’

April 30, 2023 - 13:51

TEHRAN- The chairman of Flowers and Ornamental Plants Producers and Sellers of Tehran province says that the flower producers need the help of the government.

“We need the help of the government in the field of agricultural necessities, such as fertilizers, poisons, plastic, seedlings, etc.”, Akbar Shahrokhi said, adding, “The flowers produced in Iran are equal to the products of different countries in the world and are even much better than that, but we are facing problems in the field of packaging and transportation of flowers and ornamental plants.”

“Greenhouses in the cities of Tehran province do not have refrigerated vehicles and we need such vehicles and the government should help us in this regard”, he further complained.

Shahrokhi has announced that more than two billion flower branches are produced in Tehran province.

Stating that four billion flower branches are produced in the country, he said most of the flowers and ornamental plants enter other provinces from Tehran province.

Currently, Tehran province has 15 flower markets where more than 7,000 florists are located.

Iran has 17th place in the world in the production of flowers and ornamental plants, but it is ranked 107th in terms of export.


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